Inside James Martin’s romance with Louise Davies including ruling out marriage and children

We know that James Martin loves his food, but what is it the secret ingredient to his 11 year relationship?

The Saturday Kitchen Live star has been welcoming us into his kitchen every weekend for the past five years, but remains notoriously private about his romance with girlfriend Louise Davies.

James, 49, has been in a long-term relationship with his PA partner for seven years, and the pair live together in a seven-bedroomed detached country home in Hampshire.

James, who previously hosted the BBC's Saturday Kitchen Live for a decade, managed to keep his dating life with Louise a secret for nearly five years.

The pair had first been linked back in 2011, but it wasn't until 2016 that they were revealed to be in a relationship.

Later, during an appearance on Good Morning Britain in 2017, the chef couldn't keep the compliments from flowing as he said he was "happy for the first time in his life."

James had previously been in a whirlwind romance with James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli, who showered him with lavish gifts including three genuine Picasso paintings.

James said when she tried to gift him a £180,000 Aston Martin he realised they were too different and called it a day.

The couple spent four and a half years together before calling it quits in 2008.

But it was this time in the media hot seat that led him to wanting a much more private home life moving forward.

A source told The Sun Online: “James desperately wants to keep his private life out of the spotlight and under wraps following his romance with Barbara Broccoli.

“It’s easy to do with Louise as she likes things low-key as well, unlike Barbara who loved making a fuss over him.”

How did James and Louise meet?

Welcome to the set of Celebrity Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, where James and Louise first met.

Since then, the happy couple are reportedly inseparable with Louise going "absolutely everywhere with him".

A source said of their relationship: “They just don’t make a big song and dance about it.

"She knows all his friends really well and regularly visited him on The Saturday Kitchen set and was on set for his ASDA commercials – so all his colleagues get on great with her too.

“She’s particularly good friends with his best mate Chris Evans' wife Natasha.”

Ruling out marriage

Despite going strong for more than ten years, it doesn't look like James will be sealing the deal with a ring any time soon… or ever, as. he says the idea of marriage "doesn't interest me in the slightest".

He said it is "mainly because I’ve catered for so many weddings," adding “I admire people who do it, that’s fine, but I’m quite happy."

He made it abundantly clear to Sunday People in 2019, when he said: “I don’t need to spend 60 grand on a day, no, I’m more than happy thanks.”

Ok, we get it. Got it. Good.

Missing kid ingredient?

A successful career has been the a priority in James's life ahead of marriage and children, with the TV chef admitting to have shunned the idea of a traditional family life in the past.

He told Prima magazine in 2020: "The biggest low of my career is that I’ve given up everything for it.

"I look at my mates and they’re all married with kids, and that’s not the case for me because I’ve been so focused on work.

"The level of commitment it requires and the choices you have to make have a huge impact."

Yet James wouldn't change the course his life has taken, saying that he would probably make the same choices second time around.

"But would I do the same thing again? Probably, because it’s made me who I am," he admitted.

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