Influencer takes snaps minutes apart to show reality behind posed Instagram pics

Georgie Clarke is working to break down Instagram “standards of beauty” one post at a time.

Instead of posting highly airbrushed and filtered pictures online, she likes to keep things natural.

And for her latest post, the London-based influencer took two snaps a minute apart to show how much you can change your body by altering your pose.

She captioned the image: “1 minute apart = both are for Instagram.

“On the left I am posed… On the right I am relaxed… Both images are beautiful and should be shared on this platform.

“This comparison is to show you that someone who understands modelling will be able to create image on the left but in reality and when relaxed is the image on the right.”

To capture the first image, Georgie revealed she had to…

  • cross legs over to create more of an hourglass shape
  • pose with arms in the most flattering angle (triangles around the waist also amplifies the hourglass shape)
  • find the most flattering angle and light
  • stretch her torso up and tense shoulders
  • tense and squeeze stomach as tight as possible
  • hold her breath and try to do a relaxed smile
  • hold for the shot

Meanwhile, the right image requires "nothing" but "relaxing and smiling".

Georgie added: “Both images are for my Instagram because I believe both images show my true self.

“I want to be able create beautiful images but I also want to show you the truth and reality behind the ‘perfect images’ so here’s your reality check.

“Normalise normal bodies.”

The Instagram star, who once appeared on ITV2 show Survival of the Fittest, garnered more than 54,000 likes on her candid post.

Many said it was refreshing to see an influencer being honest about how they take their pictures.

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One commenter said: “Thank you for reminding us what’s normal.”

Another wrote: “All young girls need to know reality – I showed my 17yo these pictures.

“Beautiful and keeping it real.”

And a third added: “Thank you for inspiring me not to worry or care.”

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