Im trolled for ditching razor but dont care – body hair makes me feel sexy

Some women opt to shave their pubic hair to get a smooth looking nether region – but not OnlyFans model Aimee.

The 21-year-old from Australia has ditched the razor in turn for embracing her “bush” and body hair all over.

Aimee is not shy about flaunting her grown out private area to her 54,000 Instagram followers and adoring subscribers on the X-rated site.

But despite being swooned over by her fans, the brunette model was previously called “disgusting” for showing off her hairy downstairs.

No matter what the trolls say though, Aimee loves her bush and has admitted she finds it “sexy.”

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, the raunchy star has revealed what life is like living down under with, well, a fully grown down under.

She shared: “I have probably heard every insult, joke, comment under the sun about being a woman with hair.

“It never fails to humour me at how triggered a little bit of hair can make people…it's literally just hair.

“If you head to my TikTok you will be inundated with comments, most of which either refer to my armpit hair making me 'unhygienic and gross' or others referring how my bush is displeasing to the eye and that men would never want to 'explore my jungle' so to speak.

“And to this, I just have to laugh.”

Having never been a fan of shaving, Aimee stopped cutting her body hair when she was in secondary school after questioning why it’s fine for boys and men to grow out their hair but is deemed socially unacceptable for girls and women to do the same.

She explained: “Originally I ditched the razor in high school because I saw the boys didn’t shave and honestly questioned myself “if they don’t shave, then why do I…we are both humans?” I personally never saw body hair as “gross” or anything of that regard. So I just let it grow.”

Although she oozes confidence, her initial ditching of the razor got some backlash from lads – and even family members.

She explained: “I had boys, family members and strangers online making remarks about my body hair growing up and telling me I needed to shave because “you are a girl, don’t be disgusting, I don’t wanna see that”.

“Sometimes their words did slip through my cracks.

"But just as quickly as I felt the shame, embarrassment and disgust wash over me, it left, as their opinions just had no relevance or place of importance for me. And in regards to finding the confidence to post pictures with my body hair; It's never been a 'should I, or should I not post this' because my body hair was on show.

“I just EXIST with body hair, and the shame around me being a woman with body hair isn’t for me to carry.”

Receiving hateful remarks about her body hair must not be easy, but Aimee is not backing down anytime soon – and she can’t get enough of the way she looks.

She said: “Sounds cliché, but looking within and coming home to my OWN truths is what has made it all so easy for me. So when I was faced with rejection or criticism… rather than taking it personally or it causing me to doubt my own beauty/worth or femininity, I just smiled and waved.

“In fact, I have REALLY fallen in love with my body hair, I personally think it is so f***ing sexy!”

Aimee’s love for her body hair is refreshing to see, especially amongst the barrage of preened influencers swarmed over social media feeds.

But the model understands that not everyone is so confident about embracing their true selves, body hair included.

Luckily, if you are thinking about putting the razor to bed, Aimee has a few words of wisdom to help those wanting to express themselves fully.

“I get that it seems so f***ing terrifying… but what’s scarier is living YOUR life based on someone ELSE’s opinion.

“Start small…you don’t have to scream it to the whole world, but first try letting your legs and pits grow out for a week and wear long pants/shirts when out in public if it feels more comfortable during this transition.

The model continued: “But see how YOU feel when you have hair… and don’t be afraid to challenge your 'own' thoughts and criticisms when it comes to letting your hair grow.

“The more you dive into it, the more you may realise JUST how much we are conditioned.

“Also, recognise that it's gonna feel weird. Change is weird, but freedom of thoughts and expression, in my eyes at least, is so worth the initial discomfort.”

You can follow Aimee and her life down under on Instagram here.

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