I'm a plumber and here are the four things you need to do to stop pipes freezing this winter

A PLUMBER has shared her top tips to prevent your pipes freezing this winter to help you avoid costly repairs.

Phoebe Brooks, 24, works for London firm Pimlico Plumbing and revealed what steps Brits can take to keep their water running smoothly.

Cold weather is on the way, meaning there is a greater risk that your pipes could freeze this winter.

Frozen pipes can result in a water blockage and can even burst, creating a leak that could damage your home.

But there are things you can do to stop the water in your pipes freezing over.

Phoebe, who has worked for Pimlico Plumbers for three years, shared her top tips for preventing your pipes from freezing this winter.

Insulate your pipes

The top tip is to protect your pipes from plummeting temperatures by keeping them insulated.

You can buy insulation materials to wrap around your pipes yourself – it's stocked at most DIY stores.

The extra layer should prevent your pipes getting too chilly.

Phoebe, from London, said: "The main thing is insulating your pipes and water tanks. You can buy insulation yourself and put that around the pipes quite easily."

Run the taps

Another suggestion is to regularly turn your taps on while you're at home.

You don't have to run them for long, but the water won't be able to freeze if it's moving, Phoebe said.

If you're on a water metre, make sure you keep an eye on your usage if you follow this advice.

Keep it warm

If you're going away this winter, you don't want to return to frozen or burst pipes.

It's important to keep your house at a certain temperature while you're on holiday. You can do this by leaving your thermostat on low during your time away.

Leaving the heating on when you're not home might seem like a waste of money – but it could be cheaper and less hassle than repairing damage caused by a burst pipe.

Phoebe told The Sun: "If you go away over the winter, don't switch your heating off. Keep it on low.

"Some people have thermostats that kick in when the temperature goes below 5C so that way instead of letting the pipes get too cold and freezing, it can warm everything up.

"It doesn't need to be too hot, it just doesn't want to be below 5C. The main thing is that, because that's when it starts freezing."

Don't forget about hidden pipes

It might be easy to forget about pipes that you don't see every day, but these need attention too in order to prevent problems this winter.

Pipes that are outside or in the loft actually need to be insulated as a priority due to the cooler temperatures.

"It's about keeping everything warm really. If you've got pipes outside, they need insulating instantly, and in loft spaces," Phoebe said.

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