I'm 48 and thought I was an 'only child'… but discovered I have a half-brother

DEAR DEIDRE: I HAVE spent my whole life as an only child when all along I’ve had a half-brother.

I’m 48 and he’s 44. I found out about him when my mum died five years ago. Mum had a short relationship with my real dad but when it ended, he got together with another woman and married her.

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Apparently Dad had been desperate to get to know me but his wife forbade it. So Mum protected me from the truth.

She left me a letter explaining everything which I found after her death.

By the time I tracked down my real dad, he had sadly passed away. Next I found my half-brother. He didn’t know anything about my existence and was overwhelmed.

He’d also grown up thinking he was an only child.

When I first spoke to him on the phone he was keen to meet up, but since he has been non-committal.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Your dad’s wife blocked him from getting to know you, so she may be doing the same with your half-brother.

I’m afraid you can’t force him to meet. However, you can write him a letter explaining how you would love to build a relationship.

Explain that you don’t want to keep pursuing him – but you will be there when he is ready.

Please contact standalone.org.uk, which is there for those estranged from family members.

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