I want to find a partner but men never approach me

I’M a woman of 48, good-looking and people often assume I’m in my thirties.

But I can’t get a man to look at me or talk to me.

This has developed over the past ten years. I am friendly and chatty yet all I get from men is a polite word or two.

I’ve started using a walking frame, one with wheels at the bottom. Is that putting men off?

I’m not looking for a sexual partner, just a friend.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Whether you are being honest with yourself about wanting a male friend or more, you are maybe coming across as just a little bit too intense.

If anyone, male or female, gets a whiff of desperation, they will keep their distance.

Try not to let this worry consume you and concentrate instead on your own interests and passions.

Join clubs where you will meet others with similar interests, then genuine friendships can develop.

Try meetup.com for information on local groups to explore.

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