I owe ex-landlady £12k- she wants me to pay it with sex and 3-way with sister

I owe my ex-landlady a lot of money and she says I can pay her back in sex.

She says I can go round to her place every Friday night from now on and make her smile.

I like her, but not in that way and feel backed into a corner.

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If I don’t give her the full amount (about £12,000) I fear, she’ll pass my debt onto someone else – someone a lot less accommodating and a lot scarier…

I could kick myself for getting into this mess. Back in 2018 when I first moved into her annexe, I was self-employed and bringing in decent money.

I was working in clubs as a DJ and entertainer, but I was spending too. I enjoyed buying drinks and flashing the cash. Designer clothes and a fast car went with the territory and I couldn’t imagine the good times ending.

But then Covid hit and everything shut down. She gave me a rent “holiday” while I Iooked for other work.

But then I was hit with a massive tax bill. Stupidly, I’d neglected to organise my tax returns, so I was fined too.

I turned to her for a loan because I believed I was due an inheritance from my sick granddad. But then he died without leaving me a penny and I found myself in the red. At the moment I’m working for my uncle and living with my sister.

But my ex-landlady hasn’t forgotten me. I had the idea of paying her back in odd jobs – gardening, decorating, driving etc.

She said she had something far fruitier in mind and went on to list all the sexual favours I could perform, from role-playing to a threesome with her sister.

I’m freaked out. She’s newly single and sexually frustrated, but has a lot of local contacts local who, I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of. Help.

JANE SAYS: You have a duty to pay her back. Speak to your sister or uncle and describe the fix you’re in.

Work out a more sensible solution regarding a regular payment plan.

You must stand up for yourself. Go back to your ex-landlady and tell her there has to be another solution, because you won’t be threatened or compromised.

Yes, you haven’t forgotten about your debt. But where can a compromise be found?

She has to understand that sex is off the menu. She may think that she’s holding all the aces, but you’re not a fool and you won’t be frightened or used.

Hopefully, she’ll come to a sensible arrangement with you, but if she doesn’t then I think you should look at citizensadvice.org.uk for help.

If you feel that she’s being intimidating or menacing, then maybe you should also mention this matter to the police and/or a solicitor too.

Remember that loans are not gifts and you should always be careful about borrowing any sum again.

Oh, and prioritise paying your taxes too.


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