I got sent home because of my "inappropriate" outfit but I dont understand

A woman went viral after being slammed by her boss for wearing "inappropraite" clothes to work.

Ying, who lives in Los Angeles after moving from China, had been asking fans for career advice as she looked for a job in the US.

She mentioned in one video on TikTok that she got a new job and started working as a saleswoman for a car company.

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But just four months later, Ying said she was sent home from work because of her outfit.

Posting to her fans and asking for their opinions, she said: "I got sent home from work today because of what I wear."

In the short clip, Ying sports a checked black and white top and tan-coloured shorts, as well as a long blazer and a pair of white trainers.

"I just don't understand," she added.

Some viewers agreed with her boss and said the outfit was not professional as a saleswoman.

One said: "Never wear anything above the knee, it's very unprofessional. Also no jeans with holes or rips, sneakers, flip flops, or sheer tops."

A second noted: "That much knee? It's not even knee length…unprofessional."

"Your shorts are way too short for most company attire code, should be at knee length." a third added. "But it still looks fantastic for other occasions."

Others said there was nothing wrong with Ying's outfit and claimed companies should change rules on outfits.

"Yes I see a problem right there. You are working for the wrong company," a TikToker commented. "Bunch of machos conservators that still want women in dresses, 1800 is over."

Another said: "Oh I see the problem, it's patriarchy!"

A week later, Ying said the company let her go suddenly, adding: "Didn't really give me any real reason. What is next?"


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