I feel like a failure as low pension means we have to move to rough part of town | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: WITHOUT a decent pension to retire with, my wife and I are being forced to move to a rougher, cheaper part of town.

I am 71 and my wife is 72. Currently, we live in a comfy three-bedroom house in a lovely neighbourhood.

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We are surrounded by parks and very close to the centre of town. I love the area.

But now we are having to sell and buy much further out, where we can downsize and release a decent wedge of equity.

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I feel such a failure. I worked so hard all my life and feel so low that we can’t stay in the home I love.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Retirement can be a challenging time for anyone.

But you are also having to deal with the upheaval and adjustment of a necessary move.

You have worked hard, paid for a nice home in a lovely area, and now are able to use the proceeds of a sale to ensure you and your wife can enjoy a comfortable retirement.


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Rather than seeing this change as a failure, there is plenty to be proud of.

If you continue to feel low, please speak to your GP so they can refer you for support.

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