I dread Mother's Day – my mum spends the whole day criticising me

DEAR DEIDRE: Mum has always put me down and criticised my weight.

Now I've got children she constantly tells me I'm doing it wrong.

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I dread Mother's Day and feel obliged to invite her over. She expects me to cook and clean up after her.

She is on her own after Dad left her and she always makes a point of saying she has no other family other than mine.

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Last year she criticised what I cooked, how the girls were allowed to leave the table before she thought fit and the fact I was in my tracksuit bottoms.

Really all I want is to spend a quiet day with my two daughters, 11 and nine.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Mother's Day is wonderful for many but there are many who struggle on the day, for a whole host of reasons. 

Rather than invite your mum for the whole day, why don't you go for a pub lunch? That way you can leave when you're ready and spend the rest of the day with your family as you would like.

Your mum has got used to calling the shots and playing the critical parent role.

Next time she puts you down, try calmly telling her that you are doing your best and would like to do things your way, then explain you'd like to move the conversation on.

She will soon get the message.

I'm going to send you my pack Standing Up For Yourself for more support.

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