I buy my 10-year-old designer handbags, they are her prized possessions

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Emily Abraham, 45, is a designer goods specialist based in London, and says her daughter, 10-year-old Moo, shares her love for the finer things in life.

The pair frequently have mummy-daughter days out shopping at Harrods, and Moo showcases her own collection of designer handbags on social media.

‘We have treated her to a few small designer bags, and she has a couple of small Chanel as well as Louis Vuitton bags, which she wears for special occasions,’ Emily shares.

‘She realises their value and also understands how they can be investment pieces over time, so they are her prized possessions!’

Moo actively takes part in her parent’s Knightsbridge-based luxury handbag business, which is run alongside their popular Tiktok account, Love Luxury.

‘One of the most popular videos of her dressed up and talking about the things she was wearing blew up instantly, it now has more than 82.8 million views, which we still find unbelievable!’ says Emily.

The accessories in that particular video included a £10,000 watch, a £4,000 necklace – and a £20,000 handbag, of course. But Emily insists that for Moo, this is just another form of playing dress-up.

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‘It’s mind-boggling to think how playing dress-up in the shop one day has now been viewed by so many people all over the world,’ she says.

‘Moo loves dance and drama, and one day she was keen to get involved in some videos, so she just got stuck in! We like to do everything with a bit of humour and were thinking of ways to get Moo involved, so it went from there really.’

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Other videos show Moo and the family taking private jets or enjoying luxury holidays. They’ve attracted so much attention that Moo has even gained a nickname online: the Billionaire’s daughter.

‘Moo now gets recognised in public on a regular basis, which was very strange at first but she enjoys it now,’ Emily says.

‘Everyone is always so nice so it’s been nothing but positive really! She even got recognised in Dubai recently by an American family.’

Emily notes that while Moo may have what appears to be a luxurious and privileged lifestyle, in other ways she’s just a regular kid, who enjoys dance and football training.

For her and husband Adam, teaching the importance of helping others and being kind is paramount.

‘A lot of our parenting style comes from our Muslim beliefs, which revolve a lot around respect and discipline.

‘We limit screen time and homework is the main priority after school. We also encourage our children to explore outside of academic realms.

‘It’s important for them to discover who they really are and what they really love, whether that be sport, art or any other interest.’

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Recently, Emily, Adam and Moo have been delivering food parcels to the homeless around London.

‘We’ve always taught our children to be aware of their privileges and give back to those not as fortunate. Even when the children were little, we used to enjoy a McDonald’s happy meal and always order an extra meal to give to anyone we might see living on the street on the way home.

‘It can be daunting for anyone to go and speak to a stranger and Moo was a little nervous at first. But the nerves quickly disappeared once she got chatting.

‘It’s very humbling to hear their stories and I think all parents should encourage their children to help the less fortunate in any way they can.’

With such online exposure at a young age, does Emily worry about how social media may influence her daughter?

‘While I do worry about the negative impact social media and technology has on young people, all I want for my daughter is for her to be happy, healthy and fulfilled,’ she says.

‘Moo does not have access to social media at the moment, despite her appearing in the content we make. When she is old enough to have her own account then I feel we’re better equipped than most to educate her on the negative side of social media.

‘We teach our children that anyone that feels the need to spread hatred on the internet does so because they are unhappy and unfulfilled in their own lives.’

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