Hungry McDonald’s fan filmed eating 8 burgers, fries, and box of chicken nuggets

A competitive eater who styles herself as the "girl version of Matt Stonie" filmed herself eating a whopping McDonald's family-sized feast of eight burgers, fries, and a box of chicken nuggets.

In the clip, TikTok user first starts her food challenge by eating eight burgers one after the other, followed by a box of French fries.

She then has some sips of water, "so I don't die," she jokes, before polishing off her mega-sized Maccies with a box of chicken nuggets.

The clip has been watched more than 5 million times since she uploaded it on the video-sharing app and she's since eaten family-sized Burger King, KFC, and Wendy's meals too.

Commenting on the McDonald's video, one fan said: "It's hard seeing someone living your dreams without gaining 20lbs."

"I would McThrow up," confessed another fan.

One person mourned: "I get full after one burger and yet you’re still skinnier than me… life's so unfair."

Name-dropping another competitive eater, another fan remarked: "Girl you can EAT lol but the girl version of Matt Stonie is Nela Zisser."

Meanwhile, a critic wrote: "No offense but not that impressive I eat 10 burgers easily.

"Challenge is like 25 burgers and three large fries, 20 nuggets."

This comes after a foodie made a McDonald's inspired "healthy" Big Mac salad – although the interesting idea split viewers down the middle.

And a McDonald's worker made people feel nauseous when she stuck her hand down her trousers while still at work – then handed a man some fries.

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