How to throw a Platinum Jubilee tea party fit for the Queen

The Queen arrives at her Platinum Jubilee Celebration

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As the Queen marks an incredible seven decades on the throne this year, all the stops are being pulled out on a national scale to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee next month. Tea is a British institution, and if you’re looking to make tea the centre point of your Jubilee celebrations, here are some ideas and inspiration to consider.

How to decorate for your Jubilee tea party

When it comes to celebrating jubilees, you can’t go wrong by bringing out the bunting. has collated all the best ways you can make your own bunting, and you can make yours out of paper, fabric or wool, depending on what you prefer.

You may also want to pick some fancy tableware for your soiree – if you have a cake stand, consider putting all your sweet treats on these for a delicious spread.

Union Jack themed paper plates and napkins are already creeping into shops too along with sweet cake toppers for your Jubilee bakes.

There are also plenty of fun ways to upcycle an old tablecloth with some fabric pens for a cute Jubilee design.

What to include in your Platinum Jubilee tea party

For a traditional Jubilee tea party, you may not want to stray too far from the classics like cucumber sandwiches and fresh scones.

Jubilee recipes like Coronation Chicken and Victoria Sponge are also sure to be crowd-pleasers.

But you can also consider putting your own spin on the classic British tea party and include your own additions – there’s also plenty of recipe inspiration on the Government’s Platinum Jubilee website here.

How to make a regal cup of tea

For your Platinum Jubilee tea party, a tea expert shared the perfect blends to complement classic scones, and the best way to brew them.

Sebastian Michaelis, Master Tea Blender at Tetley, said: “A traditional English Breakfast is my favourite and is usually a very balanced blend of Assam (thick and gutsy), Ceylon (light and floral) and Kenyan (strong and brisk). Some people like the citrus notes of Earl Grey to compliment a classic scone with clotted cream.”

When asked what the best way is to make a cup of tea fit for the Queen, Mr Michaelis said: “Your way is the best way! Don’t let any snobs tell you otherwise.

“Saying that, my top tips for getting the most flavour out of your leaves include using freshly drawn water from the tap rather than re-boiling any water left in the kettle – also only use the water you need to save energy!

“I also recommend using boiling water for black tea and not almost boiling or water that boiled a minute ago. Green tea needs to be brewed at around 85C, otherwise it will taste quite astringent.

“Another tip is to give the teabag a little stir to allow the leaves to infuse properly, but don’t abuse the poor fellow; I brew for 2-3 minutes to allow the tea to infuse properly before adding milk.”

If you want to attend a Platinum Jubilee tea party or another event over the bank holiday weekend, you can check what’s going on near you on the Government website here.

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