How to claim a free Costa Coffee TODAY

COSTA COFFEE fans can get their hands on a completely FREE hot drink today.

The offer is available at the coffee chain's self-service touch-screen "Express" machines, so you can't get it in stores.

But there are 8,500-plus participating Express machines located across England, Scotland and Wales (machines in Northern Ireland are not taking part unfortunately).

These are typically found on petrol forecourts, in convenience shops, leisure centres, and you might even have one in your office.

All you need to do is find one between now and 12.15am tomorrow, select your drink of choice, and it'll be free of charge.

Costa's online store locator tool will show you Express bars near you.

Favourites included in the offer are americanos, lattes, espresso, cappuccinos and hot chocolates.

Newer machines will also offer flat white, cortados, and flavoured milks as part of the deal.

You can even get flavoured syrups and extra coffee shots chucked in for free.

We've asked Costa how much these drinks would normally cost at Express machines and whether you can get unlimited freebies throughout the day and we'll update this story as soon as we get a response.

Costa is giving away the free drinks because it recons its self-serve machines are just as good as getting a drink from its shop, made by a barista.

Scott Martin, managing director of Costa Express said: “For years, self-serve drinks machines have carried a certain stigma.

“We at Costa Express don’t believe this is acceptable and have worked tirelessly to revolutionise the self-serve experience.

“We’re so confident that once you’ve tried a cup from Costa Express that it’ll fast become a regular part of your routine, so for one day only, we’re giving away a free drink to all."

Costa Coffee Club loyalty app users who scan their app when picking up their free drink will also be entered into a prize draw to win free Costa Coffee for a year.

Costa fans will be pleased to hear its autumn menu is back – and it includes a Lotus Biscoff muffin.

The coffee chain's £5 lunchtime meal deal is also back, saving you £3.05 on a sandwich, drink and crisps.

But before you slurp down your favourite flat white, bear in mind that it includes more caffeine than three cans of Red Bull.

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