Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Monday, July 11

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It’s as if you can step into other people’s shoes and understand their feelings. At times you even feel their emotions and what they are going through. This can be used to your advantage in many ways but more importantly, in your ability to offer others who are in need of it some help, guidance and understanding.


You will feel more comfortable if you are able to stick to tried and tested methods. There may be the temptation to dabble with what appears to be an ingenious idea, but this could prove to be a waste of time, effort and money.


Someone is in an extravagant frame of mind. This is bound to make an unwelcome hole in a shared budget. An impulsive purchase will be regretted once a spend-now-and worry-later moment has passed. Do your best to keep a tight hold on the purse strings.


Whether you’re planning on visiting friends and relatives or just catching up on what’s going on around you, you seem to be especially popular and very much in demand. For this reason, leave some time free for a sudden invitation that may come your way this evening.


It would be best not to set too rigid a timetable for this time. Change is in the air and it will be your home life where you will mostly feel a need to bend with the winds of change. Flexibility is of great importance to get the most from opportunities around you now.


You’ve always been practical and careful and there is unlikely to be much wrong in your way of seeing a financial matter. Even so, you might find it necessary to spell out the facts of life to someone who lives with you who seems to be under the impression that money grows on trees.


Good news that comes your way early in the day will put a spring in your step. Even the irritating difficulties you run into later can’t spoil the happiness you feel inside. However, someone will forget to pass on some critical information and, for this reason, remain alert.


You’re the one who seems to have to make the biggest effort to make other members of your family to see sense and stop their squabbling. Housemates don’t seem to be making any attempt whatsoever to see each other’s point of view. Plenty of patience will be needed.


Even if lately, your imagination has been working overtime, if you’re working on a creative project, you could suddenly be plagued by a mental block. Be sensible about this. Take a break from whatever has you temporarily baffled. Return to it later and you will soon get back into the swing of things.


A craving for peace and quiet should not be ignored. Even so, when on your own, it would be best to keep your mind occupied because brooding on elements of the past could make you slightly unhappy. Positive thinking is what you need to aim for now.


A friend or workmate will be grateful for your advice when they need the views of someone they can trust. Later on, even if you’re certain you can be of assistance to someone, you won’t have the time. Keep a low profile and concentrate on your own affairs.


Any advice offered regarding money matters need to be mulled over for longer than a day. In close relationships, it would be sensible and wise to keep the atmosphere calm and restful. You can do this by keeping sensitive subjects out of shared conversations.

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