Hooters waitress spills beans on secret about skimpy work uniform

A Hooters waitress has spilled the beans about a little-known piece of the restaurant chain's famous work uniform that features tiny hotpants and a cleavage-baring top.

In a TikTok video, user Jade Amber @jade.amberrrrr poses in the dressing room at work and shows that her tan-coloured tights have laddered – then reveals Hooters staff have a special vending machine where they can buy replacements.

The tights, or pantyhose as she calls them, "rip all the time" she says, and cost $5 (£3.60) a pop for a single pair which she buys from the Hooters vending machine at work.

Jade shows herself buying a new pair and binning the laddered ones, before trying to put on the fresh ones without making any holes with her false nails.

She then polishes her trainers and is ready to go back to work with a quick pout at the camera.

In the caption, she wrote: "It's $5 for our pantyhose and they tear ALL THE TIME."

The clip has been "liked" more than 460,000 times and thousands of people have commented, with many amazed that there was a special vending machine that sold tights.

One wrote: "They sell them at work???"

A woman recommended: "Spray with hair spray helps prevent rips and streaks."

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"Lol I just got my uniform today and ripped my pantyhose… waste of five dollars already," said a second.

A fourth user suggested: "Get dance tights they will last longer."

"Hair spray girl, I've been able to keep my hose for up to two weeks with hair spray," said another user.

Someone else joked: "You can sell the used ones online for $20 (£14.40) just trying to be helpful."

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In her previous videos, Jade revealed she earned at least $100 (£72.20) a day working at Hooters but could make $1,000 in a single week.

This comes after it was found Hooters waitresses could make a killing selling their old uniforms on eBay with some items, such as "used" hotpants fetching $100.

And a Hooters waitress who claims to be a AA bust size said she makes up to £290 a day by stuffing her bra with padding to boost her boobs and get extra tips.

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