Hilarious gallery reveals the cruelest messages written on cakes

They really shouldn’t have! Hilarious snaps show celebratory cakes decorated with VERY cutting remarks

  • Go Social rounded up the cruelest cake messages from around the world 
  • Many contributed snaps of insults towards people leaving their jobs 
  • One woman was given a birthday cake telling her it was time to freeze her eggs

According to these amateur chefs, cakes are the perfect place to get a clear message across.  

A hilarious online gallery collated by Go Social, reveals some of the world’s cruelest messages written on cakes – and it may make you appreciate store-bought bakes more than homemade alternatives.

Users from around the world showed hilarious examples of daring delicacies, including  a work colleague who used a departure cake as an opportunity to tell their co-worker that they were ‘dead to them’.

Elsewhere, another cake recipient who was celebrating their birthday was harsthly advised to freeze their eggs.

And in perhaps the most revolting example, a cake was embellished with the message ‘find the toenail’. 

Go Social rounded up a selection of cakes with cruel messages decorated on top, including this birthday bake advising a woman to freeze her eggs

One person who was hoping for a sweet treat was hesitant to slice a cake that claimed to have a toe nail hidden inside 

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An employee who decided to hand in their resignation, received a cake from their team hoping that they fail their future venture 

Another person leaving their job was warned by their team that no one would remember their name after they leave

A housemate who was fed up with the chores being neglected, took the time to bake a cake urging for the rubbish to be emptied 

In an unusual display of affection, a woman was given a cake by her spouse gushing about being pleased that she was born 

Another individual received a fruity bake with a blunt message that they aren’t liked by anyone – but at least it looked delicious 

One amateur baker topped a tray bake with a sympathetic message to someone who apparently ‘struggles with most tasks’

A man was reminded of an embarrassing photo from his childhood, with a cake that joked about his neck growing 

One person was shocked to receive a cake celebrating that they hadn’t died – presumably on his birthday

Another person read the conversation that their friend had with the baker on a cake that included laughter 

An employee preparing to leave their company gave a cake apologizing for how their departure would impact the team

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