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MANY of us might drink less water before boarding a flight to avoid braving airplane loos unless we really have to.

But did you know air travel is a 'recipe for dehydration'? And that you're probably only making matters worse by abstaining from water pre-travel?

According to hydration scientist Jennifer Williams, there's a reason you often stagger off a plane feeling dry, crusty and generally worse for wear.

The air in a plane cabin holds significantly less hydration compared to what our bodies our used to on the ground, she explained.

“Cabin humidity hovers at 10-20 per cent compared to the normal 40-60 per cent levels we enjoy on the ground. Between low air pressure, desert-like levels of humidity, and decreased fluid intake from rushing between flights—it’s a recipe for dehydration,” Jennifer told Well + Good.

Dehydration is nothing to poo-poo at. According to the scientist: “Even mild dehydration can have a big impact on kids or adults. Research shows that losing just two percent of your body's water can negatively affect your mood, memory, and coordination,”

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You might also feel tired, dizzy or lightheaded, have a headache, experience mood swingsand your mouth and lips can feel like sandpaper, according to the NHS.

So it's important to check your hydration levels BEFORE you even set foot on a flight.

The best way to do what Jennifer Calls a 'hydration check' is to consult the colour of your pee.

You'll know you're drinking enough water if your wee is clear or light yellow.

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But dark yellow or amber urine can mean you need to start sipping on some liquids.

If your pee is also stronger smelling, that's another surefire sign of dehydration, as well as thirst and a reduced need to go to the loo, according to the NHS.

Here are five more things you should be doing to make sure you're nice and hydrated before boarding an airplane.

1. Drink water but skip the booze

You should drink copious amounts of water before getting on your flight, according to Jennifer, especially if you've got a longer journey ahead or you're grappling with delays.

Do your hydration check between eight to 12 hours before you're due to board to be proactive about your fluid consumption.

2. Bring a reusable water bottle

Why buy an overpriced plastic bottle of water once you're through security, when you can pack a reusable one and refill it instead.

This'll be kinder on your wallet as well as your body, as it'll ensure you're keeping up with your water intake before your flight, as well as during it.

“As a general rule, aim to consume about eight ounces of water for every hour you’re in the air," Jennifer advised.

If you're drinking enough water, you'll just have to resign yourself to making a few trips to the airplane loo throughout your flight – let's hope you booked an aisle seat!

Plus – according to Jennifer – getting up and moving around on your flight is good for you.

3. Pack electrolyte power

Electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, and chloride, are minerals that help balance and regulate the fluids in your body and are essential for muscle and nerve function, Jennifer said.

They aren't only your friends if you're hungover or going for a run – they can also give you a pre-flight hydration boost if plain water just isn't cutting it.

You can tuck an electrolyte powder sachet in your carry-on to put in your water or grab an electrolyte drink at your airport Boots or WHSmith.

4. Opt for hydrating snacks

As tempting as those airplane crisps or pretzels might be, their high salt content probably isn't doing you any favours in terms of hydration – at least while you're in the air.

Jennifer suggested you pack some fruit and veggies with high water content in your carry-on to munch on during your flight, such as cucumber, watermelon, and strawberries.

5. Moisturise your skin

Flights can be pretty hard on your skin and you'll probably notice the effects as soon as you step off one.

To avoid your face, hands and lips drying out, Jennifer suggested you pop some travel-sized moisturiser and lip balm in your bag and apply it throughout the flight.

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