Heres How Pitbull Earns And Spends His $100 Million Fortune

Songwriter and a singer Pitbull has been in the music industry for two decades now. The rapper has earned an enormous amount of money from his music career. Although he started his music career in 2000, he only released his debut album in 2004. He rose to prominence in 2011 after he was featured on Jennifer Lopez’s song On the Floor.

He has worked his way up and was featured in several songs by other artists. Soon, he started making it big in the music industry that helped him accumulate a massive net worth of $100 million. Take a peek at how the rapper earns and spends his fortune.

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9 Earns: Music Career

It was estimated that he has earned about $8-10 million from his albums and singles alone. Although his albums’ sale is nowhere near that of Kanye’s, he has earned enough for himself. Throughout his career, he has released 11 studio albums, 4 compilation albums, 1 soundtrack album and 4 official mixtapes. He has also released about 300 singles, about 1,000 songs in total and released about 200 music videos.

8 Spends: Charity Work And Causes

The rapper has a good heart as he founded a public charter called Sports Leadership And Management or SLAM for short. The said public charter caters to grades 6 until 12. He founded the school hoping to give disadvantaged youth an access to some education in Sports Leadership and Management industries.

Pitbull founded SLAM to open opportunities to the intercity children residing in Miami. He personally planned the school and it is so important to him to help the kids in need. He said the reason why he prioritized to open SLAM was because when he was growing up, he was inspired by his teachers and he believes in the importance of teachers’ guidance. Aside from SLAM, he also supports other charities such as City of Hope, Pencils of Promise, Cellphones for Soldiers, Save The Music Foundation, World Vision and STOMP Out Bullying.

7 Earns: Endorsements and Business Ventures

The Gasolina rapper had a lot endorsement deals through the years. He has signed brand endorsement deals with numerous companies including Walmart, Pepsi and Kodak. It was reported that he has earned about $12 million from his endorsements. Aside from the lucrative brand endorsements he has sealed, he also has a lot of business ventures.

His business ventures include the Miami Subs Pizza and Grill, Voli Vodka, and PITBULL Premier Fragrance. Although his earnings from each business were not disclosed to the public, it was estimated that he at least earned about $8 million from them.

6 Spends: Car Collection

It was reported that when the Cuban-American rapper got his first ever paycheck worth $1,200, he bought his mom a 1988 Mazda hatchback. With this report, it’s not surprising that the rapper has spent a fortune for his cars. Although unlike other celebrities, his car collection is not that expansive like Kim Kardashian’s $3.8 million car collection.

According to 21 Motoring, he only has four cars in his collection. Pitbull’s car collection include a Ferrari 458 worth $275,000, Mercedes G63 AMG worth $157,800, Mercedes S-Class worth $125,700 and a Lamborghini Urus worth $220,000


5 Earns: Tours

Pitbull’s tour in 2015 to 2016 is said to be the most successful tour in his career. The tour titled Pitbull: Time of Our Lives had about 93 shows that has earned him over $23 millon. The first major concert of Pitbull happened about five years since he started in the music industry.

The rapper earns millions each tour and that’s just from ticket sales alone. He also earns from the sales of tour merchandises. It was reported that he has about 80% royalties from the merchandises sold at his concert tour.

4 Spends: Abandoned Pinecrest Mansion

The Pinecrest mansion of the rapper was infamous for being an eyesore. The neighbors of the rapper complained that the real estate property has been bothering them since it does not look good on the community overall as the abandoned place looks terrible.

The abandoned home of the rapper has apparently received tons of code violations from the village since it is located in an affluent area. The rapper had to sell the property at a loss for $1.8 million since the property is in horrific shape. Although it’s not like the Abandoned Meydan City in Dubai worth billions, he sure lost a few millions from the sale.

3 Earns: YouTube Channel

Pitbull has a massive following on his YouTube account that has given him millions through the years. The channel has about 16 million subscribers and has at least a million views on each video. The channel has been releasing videos since 2006 and has earned about 11 billion views.

His billion views from his Vevo channel translates to ad revenues which means more money in his pocket. It’s reported that YouTube pays about $7.60 for every 1,000 views. With the rapper’s massive following and billions of views, it’s estimated that he earned about $90 million from YouTube alone based on the ongoing rate for YouTube ads.

2 Spends: NASCAR Team

Everyone was surprised when Pitbull decided to dip into the sports world and spent a good chunk of his money to buy a sports franchise. The rapper decided against buying a basketball team or a football team, but instead bought a NASCAR team of his own. Pitbull will become a part owner of the racing team called Trackhouse Racing. 23XI Racing was founded by Michael Jordan with NASCAR legend Denny Hamlin in 2020.

The rapper would be co-owning the Trackhouse Racing the team with Justin Marks and they will have Daniel Suarez as the team’s driver.

1 Earns: Acting Career

The 41-year-old rapper has also appeared on TV and Movies that has earned him millions as well. He has appeared in numerous films through the course of his career. It was reported that he was paid about $1.6 million from his appearance on the 2013 film Epic.

He also appeared on the TV series Empire in 2015 and was paid $10,000 for his appearance. He also lent his voice in the animated film titled UglyDolls in 2019 however his pay for the said film was not disclosed.

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