Have You Ever Thought About Becoming A Surrogate

Surrogacy is an amazing and popular way of starting a family these days. You can also become a part of this journey and the following passage will tell you everything about the process.

Famous People and Non Traditional Ways of Conceiving a Child

If you ever thought that surrogacy is a very rare phenomenon, then you are most certainly wrong. Today more people start to think about being involved. Including many celebrities! Here is the list of them:

  1. Kim Kardashian and her youngest daughter Chicago West. It was a very discussed topic back in the day when a reality show star told the public about her decision to have a child using the procedure. But for many people, it only showed the advantages.
  2. Ricky Martin and his kids. As for a gay couple, it was one of the few opportunities for the singer and his husband, Jwan Yosef to experience parenthood. They first had twins in 2008 and later a baby girl and another boy that was born in 2018 and 2019.
  3. The famous footballer Christiano Ronaldo also has kids, welcomed via surrogacy. He now raises his four kids with his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez.

And just like that we see that, even celebrities that seem so “far away” from us prove that becoming parents is very important, and that is why they choose surrogacy as one of the options.

Can you be a surrogate?

The other side of the coin is how the journey of becoming a surrogate mother looks like.

Have you ever thought about becoming one? Even if you didn’t, you most certainly had questions about what the process looks like. This experience can be divided into 5 general stages:

  1. Acquaintance. On this level, we fill out the applications, get familiar with you and ask questions about your lifestyle. It is also essential to know about your previous pregnancies, and collect information about your health.
  2. Examination. Of course, you can’t be one without proper medical screening. This process takes longer than you may think, but it is better not to skip any steps for safety.
  3. Parents search. During this stage, we are looking for future fathers and mothers. It is essential not only to find them but to have them matched with you. There are both sides included. We are trying to find intended parents who would both medically match you and fit your values and expectations.
  4. Preparation. This stage is all about planning and preparing you and your paperwork.
  5. Pregnancy is the final and probably the longest step. You will be under constant doctor’s watch to keep your and the future baby’s health on track. You will always be supported, starting from the transferring of the embryo to the delivery itself.

As you can see, surrogacy is not a quick action; however, it makes it more valuable and exciting.

Why can being a surrogate be amazing?

Did you ever think you could be a surrogate? Or you may be thinking that it is not for you and so you won’t even try? We made you a list of advantages that might change your opinion:

  1. Deliver the greatest gift. Kids are one of the things that help our life make sense. This is something you can leave after yourself and be sure we did something great.
  2. Make people happier. Surrogacy wouldn’t be such a nice procedure if there were no emotions involved by the end of it. But hearing the intended parent’s gratefulness, seeing happy faces might be the most satisfying feeling one can imagine.
  3. Financial support. What makes surrogacy even more exciting is that after these happy moments, you also receive money. Isn’t it amazing to be able to bring people happiness and also get paid for it?
  4. Medical support. Throughout the entire journey, you are surrounded by excellent workers who will look after you and help whenever you need them. You can always seek answers or any kind of support.
  5. Help people from different backgrounds. No wonder how much surrogacy has changed things for such people and especially LGBTQ. Helping them create a family is an accomplishment you can bring into people’s history with a background.
  6. Make new friends and be a part of a whole community. There are many women involved in this business, and you can surely make new friends!
  7. Have a choice. First of all, surrogates choose who to work with. Even If you don’t support the LGBTQ community, you can help other traditional families and work with people that, first of all, match with you.
  8. Make a new bond. Surrogates can surely take part in kids’ lives, and like this, you can be a part of a family and experience parenthood with them.
  9. Set a good example for others. Being a surrogate is a very cherished job in society and surely deserves a lot of respect.
  10. Act of kindness. The feeling of accomplishment is something all of us want to achieve.