Greggs superfan gets logo tattooed on leg to show her love for sausage rolls

A Greggs superfan has got a tattoo of the chain's logo on her leg because she loves their sausage rolls.

Nicole Reed put a photo of the inking on Twitter and wrote: “@GreggsOfficial what’s a girl gotta do to get a free pasty”.

The 19-year old said she got the tattoo because she loves Greggs and wanted to show her 'dedication'.

She got it done while on her first girls holiday abroad without her parents on the Greek party resort of Kavos.

Nicole of Manchester tweeted: “@GreggsOfficial what’s a girl gotta do to get a free pasty”.

She said: “I got the tattoo because I love Greggs.

“I love sausage rolls and I just wanted to show my dedication to them.”

The snap has since been liked hundreds of times and received a flurry of responses.

Greggs quipped on Twitter: “Should've got a Sausage Roll tattooed.”

The chain added: “Obviously a fan then?”

Others pointed out a huge flaw in her ploy to get free pasties.

An account called Renegade Master said: “You could have bought 40 for the price of the tattoo. Genius”.

Similarly, Jack Farney wrote: “They cost like not even £2 for f*** sake”.

And Techno Bear wrote: “With the money you spent on this you could have had about 50 pasties. Silly Billy”.

While cynics have suggested the amateur inking is fake, Nicole has video evidence of her getting the tat done.

And she insists she has absolutely no regrets as she responded to online trolls who criticised her look.

She wrote: “Idk why everyone’s hating on me for my Greggs tattoo. Why you all so bothered it’s not on your leg is it. Give over.”

It comes after another Greggs fan Tom Owen, 33, for a tat of a steak bake two years ago.

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