Green Glimmer: 10 Most Expensive Chains Owned By Rappers

Jewelry and hip-hop artists have a connection that goes beyond music, and rappers have collections of treasured chains that are ethereal.

Hip-hop wasn’t always a mainstream genre like it is today. Artists had to start from scratch and create a legacy. Accumulating wealth has been an integral part of becoming a successful rapper in the music industry for decades. The chains worn by rappers are not only a status symbol but a way to commemorate how far they have come as artists. And there is no other way to show off immense success than buying expensive jewelry. Over the last decade, hip-hop jewelry has reached different heights as artists have possessed bolder and more outrageous chains.

Artists continue to follow the tradition of one-upmanship, trying to outdo each other by wearing the best and blingiest chains. This rivalry has given rise to the creation of some of the most ludicrous and extravagant pieces of jewelry, and here are some of the most expensive chains owned by rappers.

10 Owl Chain ($120,000)

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Canadian rapper and singer Drake is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. His chart-busting albums have added to his massive net worth of $180 million. One of his extravagant purchases is his Owl Chain pendant made from 343 diamonds with 18 carats of rose gold and 23.32 carats of encrusted diamonds that cost $120,000.

9 Cuban Chain ($200,000)

Legendary rapper Jay-Z is a hip hop royalty, and his 11 lbs Cuban chain is fit for a king. Jay-Z has earned over $1.4 billion through his investments and music career. He owns a customized chunky Cuban Chain designed by Rafaello & Company. He has been spotted wearing the chain during various concerts and events.

8 Ratatouille Chain ($250,000)

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Designed by Elliot Avianne, rapper Quavo debuted the bejeweled $250,000 Ratatouille pendant at the 2017 MET Gala. It referenced his line “Call me Quavo Ratatouille” from his famous track Bad and Boujee. The rapper with a net worth of $25 million splashed out on the purchase, designing the pendant with WS white diamonds and featuring a mini-Rolex and QC chain on the figure.

7 Horus Chain ($300,000)

A rapper and intelligent investor, Kanye West is a billionaire from the music industry with a net worth of $1.8 billion. Unsurprisingly, West is a part of this list with his large solid $300,000 gold chain. He wore it at the 2010 BET Awards. The chain features a giant pendant of the Egyptian God of sun, moon, and sky, Horus made from 24-carat gold.

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6 Big Ass Chain ($410,000)

T-Pain is a well-established rapper and record-label owner in the industry. His net worth cashes to $10 million, and he spends a good portion of his money to increase his jewelry collection. In 2007, T-Pain purchased a yellow and white gold chain measuring 197-carat diamonds and the words ‘Big Ass Chain’ on it. He bought it on a dare, and it cost him $410,000.

5 Crunk Chain ($500,000)

Noted in the Guinness World Records as the most expensive chain in 2007, Lil Jon purchased the chain for $500,000. Famous for chart-topping songs, it was a small amount to pay from his $30 million net worth. The chain featured yellow and white gold 3,756 diamonds, weighing 51 lbs. The chain had the words ‘Crunk Ain’t Dead’ printed on it, similar to his song.

4 Twin Panther Chain ($500,000)

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Rapper and record executive Gucci Mane has an active interest in buying expensive jewelry. With a net worth of $14 million, he wanted to create a special chain for his wedding ceremony. He designed the $500,000 twin panther chain with Diamond Club Miami, featuring two diamond panthers holding chains in their mouths made from 4,600 diamonds and weighing 165 carats.

3 Box Of Chains ($500,000)

Sean Kingston garnered fame with hit albums at a young age, which earned him a net worth of around $2 million. After his career took off, Kingston had purchased a unique crayon-shaped jewelry chain with 64 jewelry encrusted crayons inside the box. It cost a whopping $500,000 and was the most talked-about chain of its time.

2 N.E.R.D Chain ($1 million)

Multiple Grammy-winning singer Pharell Williams has a $200 million net worth today as a solo artist. Back in 2007, when he was a part of the Neptunes band, he purchased a customized NERD gold chain with a medallion. The medallion featured caricatured figures of his band members made from diamonds and precious stones.

1 Rick Ross Face Pendant ($1.5 million)

Rick Ross is known for his exquisite life as a hit rapper, from his multi-million dollar mansion to his jewelry collection. He took things to the next level when he purchased a chain with a self-portrait iced-out pendant in 2008. In 2010, he went a step further and created a similar-looking pendant for his self-portrait pendant for an insane $1.5 million.

From absurd artwork to meaningful historic pendants, rappers love to show off their success with the most outrageous creations never seen before. Each chain is equally supreme in its way with different designs. It won’t be a surprise if someone tries to one-up these expensive chains that will even manage to overshadow the music they produce.

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