Great-great-grandfather welcomes fifth generation of his family into the world

Great-great-grandfather Roy Howes has been able to celebrate the start of the fifth living generation of his family.

Roy, 96, said hello to two-week-old Edison for the first time in the same house where he has greeted his other descendants for the last six decades – all of whom are male.

The former Royal Navy serviceman was joined by his son, Roy Jr, 75, and six other further family members at his home in Portsmouth.

In attendance were Roy Jr’s son Michael, 48, his sons Liam, 23, Alfie, 15 and Lewis, 26, – who is Edison’s father – his partner Emily Pryke and, of course, baby Edison.

Sadly Roy’s wife, Pat, wasn’t able to see this momentous occasion, as she passed away in 1998.

Edison’s grandfather Michael said: ‘You don’t get many families who reach five generations, and all men too.

‘The male gene is obviously strong.’

Lewism, an electrician, said: ‘It’s weird to think that we’ve all been [Edison’s] age in this house, it’s seen five generations grow up.

‘We’re all still very close. We’re very family-orientated, all of us are family people.

‘When my partner was pregnant, we already thought it was more than likely the baby would be a boy, even before we knew. The genes are really strong in the family, I think.

‘I don’t really know why, I’ve never given it much thought why we’re all men.’

Roy was overjoyed to meet baby Edison, and thanked everyone for coming to celebrate the very special occasion.

Lewis said: ‘Growing up it was quite nice, we all spent a lot of time together.

‘Liam and I are quite close in age so we kind of grew up together. We’re a really close family.’

Roy gets visits from his family at his home in Portsea every week.

He moved to the home he still lives in back in 1963, and was the first-ever resident of the housing block.

On meeting his fifth family generation, Roy said: ‘I never expected it, it’s weird. When they walk in, I don’t know who they are!’

His great-grandson Liam added: ‘It’s true, we have to remind him every time. I’m the painter, he’s the electrician.’

Emily, 26, who lives in Gosport with Lewis, is currently the only female member of the family.

The teacher’s assistant said: ‘That’s what makes this so special. I’m outnumbered, I always have been, but I’m kind of used to it. I’m quite a tomboy anyway.

‘We feel very lucky we got to see this, and so is [Edison], he’s one very loved little man.

‘At the moment, we’re not thinking of any more [kids] – but maybe one day we’ll get a girl.’

Lewis added: ‘If we keep going until we get a girl, we might over-run Portsmouth.’

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