Great-grandmother makes modeling debut at 99 years old

There’s no age limit on being an amazing model, and a great-grandmother in California is certainly proving that.

Helene Simone, 99, was recently photographed as one of beauty brand Saie’s latest faces.

In the campaign images, she is seen wearing a crisp white blouse and a beaded necklace along with the cosmetic company’s Slip Tint, Mascara 101 and Dew Blush. She’s also seen showing off a joyful smile and great model poses.

In an Instagram comment revealing the photos, Saie shared that “Nanna” loves that the products are easy to apply and nourish her skin from the inside out.

“I loved being on set,” Simone told “GMA.” “The photographer was incredible and so fun. It definitely was a treat to get my hair and makeup done.”

Simone actually happens to be Saie founder Laney Crowell’s great-grandmother, and she decided to ask her to model after her Instagram community responded with an overwhelming “yes” when she asked if Nanna should be Saie’s next model.

This was Simone’s first-ever modeling gig, and when initially approached she said “absolutely not.” “I think I laughed it off. Then my grand-daughter persisted and encouraged me to show the world that 99-year-old women should still be represented.”

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Since making her modeling debut, Saie has received lots of great feedback.

“Aw this brought me to tears hi nanna you are goals,” @stellasimona commented. Another chimed in demanding, “more Nanna please!”

Another commenter said, “I love this post with all my heart. May she live to 120!”

Many others echoed in with similar sentiments.

Saie explained in a statement that the brand aims to normalize that no matter how old you are, caring about your makeup and skin is ageless — and the models used within each campaign are diverse and from a variety of different backgrounds and ages.

The company also currently carries everything from face products such as balm and SPF to eye-enhancing product such as mascara and brow pomade.

After receiving and hearing about all the positive feedback from her first major makeup modeling gig, Simone said “it is such thrill” and she is so surprised by all of the people sending notes and messages that they have seen her images and were inspired by them.

When asked if she’ll continue to do more modeling in the future, Simone happily responded, “Never say never!”

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