Gossip Girl: How Blake Lively Grew Her $30 Million

Through her glamorous acting career, Blake Lively has built herself an empire of $30 million, all from scratch.

The American actress was born as Blake Ellender Brown in 1987 in Los Angeles, California. Her parents were actively involved in the acting business. Thus, it can be said that she had some extent of family influence in getting her acting career launched. Her half brothers and sisters were part of the acting business too. Blake, however, became the most celebrated face in the family after gaining recognition as an American actress.

Here is a glance at Lively’s acting career and how she made it big in Hollywood.

The Beginning of a Successful Career

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Amongst Blake Lively’s famous half-siblings are Robyn Lively and Jason Lively, who have made appearances in many famous movies. But she had been getting used to the big screen even before she could get influenced by her half-siblings in the acting business. Blake Lively’s first performance was as a ten-year-old child actor in the 1998 movie Sandman, directed by her father, Ernie Lively.

However, her first performance did not inspire Blake to join the acting industry on a full-time scale. She instead chose to pursue a college education. It was much later when she was motivated by her brother Eric to audition for roles. The first opportunity she landed after auditioning was in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, a movie released in 2005. Blake Lively made a breakthrough with this movie by acting in one of its female leads. It was also a significant hit at the box office, making about $42 million.

Becoming One of the Well Known Artists

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Lively gained further fame and Money through her central role in Gossip Girl, which reportedly had been on the television till 2012. The revenue from this show helped in increasing Blake’s worth by millions. Simultaneously, she made appearances in the sequel to her first movie, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and in New York, I Love You.

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In 2009 she received critical acclaim for her performance in Private Lives of Pippa Lee. Following this, she acted in movies like The Town and The Green Lantern. She also starred in the film The Age of Adaline in 2015. In 2018 she played another central role in the movie A Simple Favor. Her latest performance has been as Stephanie Patrick in The Rhythm Section. She is also expected to play the role of Celia Fitzpatrick in the upcoming movie ‘The Husband’s Secret.’

Endorsements Deals, Entrepreneurship, and Music Videos

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Blake became the brand ambassador of L’oreal in 2013. It is reportedly her first makeup campaign. Blake had also been selected as the face for the perfume Gucci Premiere. Her appearance in Gucci’s ‘Chime For Change’ campaign raised awareness amongst women about gender-based marginalization in education, justice, and healthcare. This campaign also attempted to raise the necessary funds to improve the livelihood of marginalized women.

Blake Lively is not only a versatile actress but is also a versatile woman in her life. She has also performed in music videos, and had an appearance in the music video of the single ‘I Just Had Sex’ released in 2010. It was a song by ‘The Lonely Island ft. Akon. Her next appearance in a music video was in ‘Herself’ by Jay-Z ft—Beyoncé in 2014.

Mastering Entrepreneurship

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Part of Blake’s charm and popularity is her frequent appearances on TV shows. She also stages herself as a celebrity homemaker with avid interests in cooking. Other than making cooking videos, the Hollywood star also launched her cookware brand. She did take it down for upgrading before relaunching it. This was one of her first ventures in entrepreneurship.

The Green Lantern actress has always been candid about her dream of becoming a restaurateur and the owner of an interior decorating company. She makes an effort to learn the cooking cultures of the places she visits by taking special cooking classes.

After making appearances and being featured in different prestigious magazines like Vogue for her grand wedding ceremony and cookery experiences, Blake finally created her website. This was a digital magazine website called Preserve, and it was launched in 2015 to promote handmade wares especially selected by her.

Currently, Blake Lively has a fantastic net worth of about $30 million. Although most of it has been earned through her successful acting career, a good part of it also comes from her other ventures. When her net worth is combined with her husband, Ryan Reynolds, it sums up to a more impressive amount. Reynolds has a net worth of about $75 million, and together they have a staggering $91 million. The couple got married in 2012 and have since lived a lavish life together with their three daughters.

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