Gorgeous fitness fanatic, 66, told shes so sexy after flaunting flexibility

A “gorgeous” fitness veteran has wowed fans with her incredible flexibility, striking the “perfect pose”.

Denise Austin, 66, treated her Instagram followers on Tuesday, showing off her toned figure with an impressive leg stretch.

The ageless beauty flaunted her endless pins in a pair of skin-tight flares – and fans hailed her both “sexy” and “inspiring”.

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Despite officially reaching pensioner status, Denise shows zero signs of slowing down.

The fitness fanatic first hit TV screens four decades ago in her 1982 show Rock Hard Abs and went on to become NB's resident fitness expert from 1984 to 1988.

Denise made her name promoting a manageable, healthy lifestyle, encouraging just 30 minutes of exercise a day and branding meal skipping a major no-no.

These days, she's a huge hit on social media helping women stay fit after 50.

The fitness guru took to Instagram on Tuesday, writing: “If your hips and thighs are a problem area (like they are for so many women), give these exercises a try!

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“A full 20-minute Fit & Lite Yoga Workout PLUS some target toning for your inner thighs.”

As well as inspiring followers to stay fit as they age, she often leaves fans in awe of her snaps.

One person wrote: “Always looking sexy and so gorgeous.”

Another added: “Perfect pose.”

A third gushed: “Love you Denise for inspiring us to fight to stay fit.”

A fourth Instagramer commented: “Love the toe point.”

Last summer, Denise and her 29-year-old daughter Katie walked in the 2022 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Runway Show in Miami.

And watchers struggled to tell the pair apart, despite their 37 year age gap.

One person commented: “You are ageing in reverse. Does this make you 18?.”

Another added: “[I’ve] followed you since 25 years ago. You look like the same.”


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