Four schemes to grant Brits with free money – and one is worth up to £2,100

Times are hard for millions of Brits right now.

But fortunately there are many schemes which could help add a little money into your bank accounts.

For example, new parents could get up to £1,000 in free money through a little-known scheme.

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The cash comes via the Sure Start Maternity grant – and in some instances can give up to a grand.

Now there are other ways to help struggling Brits feeling the pinch right now.

Here are four schemes to apply to assist you during these hard times.

Social tariffs – £256

Recent research found around 1million people cut off their broadband in the last year due to rising costs.

Those on certain benefits can save up to £256 a year on average, although the exact amount depends on the discount.

The average broadband bill costs £33.35 or £400 a year, but it's always worth checking for cheaper contracts.

Some of the benefits that qualify you for a social tariff include:

  • Universal Credit
  • Employment
  • Support allowance
  • Jobseeker's Allowance

Among the providers including BT, Now, Sky, Virgin Media and Vodafone.

Providers offer different packages, so it's worth shopping around. Be mindful of penalties if you leave mid-contract.

Healthy Start – £442

New or expectant parents can get up to £442 worth of free food a year through the Healthy Start scheme.

It's for anyone more than 10 weeks pregnant or with a child under four years and on benefits.

If eligible, you are issued a Healthy Start card which you can use in a number of supermarkets and retailers.

The maximum amount you can get your card topped up by is £8.50 a week, which totals £442 a year.

You'll need to be claiming other benefits to be eligible, which you can find out about on Healthy Start website.

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School Uniform grants – £300

Some families struggle with the cost of living so they can get up to £300 free cash to help pay for school uniforms.

Local councils have the power to provide parents with grants to help them buy skirts, trousers and more.

There's no legal obligation for them to offer so what you're entitled to can be a postcode lottery.

While there's no criteria for receiving the grant, it's usually available to people on Universal Credit and Child Tax Credits.

Kids who get free school meals usually qualify for school uniform grants.

Child Trust Funds – £2,100

Teenagers or parents of teenagers could also boost their income by more than £2,100 through Child Trust Funds.

These accounts were automatically set up for all kids born between between September 1, 2002 and January 2, 2011.

The government puts £250 into every account, while children from low-income families get another £250.

Parents were then allowed to save up to £9,000 a year in their child's account.

And teenagers turning 18 since September 1 last year have an average of £2,100, according to HMRC.

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