‘Fool-proof skincare routine’ for ‘youthful’ skin is ‘simple’ and ‘quick’

Skincare does not have to be long-winded and complicated in order to work its magic, according to facialist Cecilia Ross.

While many women opt for cosmetic treatments and ‘tweakments’ as they age, this is not a necessity if you want to look more “youthful” as the years go by.

Cecilia doesn’t even think women need a complicated skincare regime in order to see results.

Indeed, when it comes to looking younger, the expert said the solution should be “simple – a quick, fool-proof skincare routine that you can stick to every day”.

She told Express.co.uk: “Many believe that in order to get results, you need to be doing an eight-step skincare routine and spend thousands on monthly treatments. 

“However, I believe consistency is key and simplicity is the easiest way to remain consistent, just like when you start a new fitness goal.

“Fads and trends come and go and it’s easy to get swept up in them – but remember, what works for your friend’s skin won’t necessarily work for yours.

“By keeping your routine simple, it is much easier to work out which products are working for you and which are not.”

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Cecilia’s daily anti-ageing skincare routine

1. Cleanse

“Cleansing your skin is so important, particularly in the evening. Cleaning off makeup, debris and dirt at the end of a day means your skin can breathe through the night and regulate oil production.

“There has been much debate about whether you should cleanse once, should you double cleanse, or should you not be cleansing at all.

“The answer is always simple – always cleanse in the evening, this can be a double cleanse if you are wearing makeup or if for your second cleanse you’re using a different product to treat a specific concern such as acne.

“In the morning, you don’t have to cleanse, unless you have extremely oily skin and therefore would benefit from a morning cleanse.”

The expert offered a “top tip” so skincare feels “less of a chore” – cleanse as soon as you get home from work or an outing rather than right before bed.

2. Hydrate

Cecilia said: “Hyaluronic acid is perfect for deep hydration for all skin types, particularly if you find moisturiser too heavy for your skin. Remember, slugging isn’t hydrating – it’s breakout inducing.”

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3. Exfoliate

The expert stated: “Using an exfoliating acid or retinol is perfect for brightening and smoothing whilst also increasing cellular turnover.

“Which exfoliator you use depends on what your skin can tolerate. If retinol is too strong for your skin, then a salicylic acid will usually work well.

“Be sure to not use more than one exfoliator in your routine as you don’t want to break down your skin’s barrier. Using an exfoliating scrub can also do this.”

4. Protect

According to the expert, suncream shouldn’t be reserved for the summer holidays –  “UVA/UVB protection is essential all year round”.

The expert explained: “It will protect your skin against harmful UV rays that penetrate through your skin even on a cloudy/rainy day. It also acts as extra protection against various weather extremes such as harsh winds.

“Most people find their skin is better in the summer, however it is a short term fix with long term consequences such as pigmentation, rosacea/extreme sensitivity and dryness.

“To have good skin all year round, you must protect it all year round- good skin is made in the summer.”

Cecilia Ross is a London facialist and founder of Cecilia London.

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