Expert shares alternative method to looking younger – its all in the mindset

Many women go down the cosmetic route when it comes to looking younger, opting for treatments such as botox, filler or thread lifts.

Others go for a revamped makeup bag or new hairdo, while some hit the gym and build their dream body through weight training, Pilates and running.

But according to positive mindset expert and positive psychology coach Faye Edwardes, retraining your brain to have a brighter outlook might be the ultimate anti-ager.

The expert stated: “Faye said; “Just like your car, your mind and your body need regular servicing too. 

“I always find it mind-boggling that we service our car, we polish our shoes, we have our nails done, but we don’t look within ourselves to see what we can do to help maintain our youthfulness. 

“Relax – when we relax, it automatically shows on our face. Stress manifests itself by facial expressions including frowning and narrowing of the eyes. 

“These expressions exacerbate the areas where wrinkles naturally form and no amount of anti-ageing serum will be able to undo that. 

“When we relax, our faces move more freely and we use a whole host of different facial muscles which means we are less likely to contribute to the signs of ageing on our skin.”

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In a similar vein, the expert suggested that thinking yourself happy can make you look younger.

She explained: “When you have a positive mindset, it boosts your confidence and overall happiness. 

“Confidence radiates from within and can give the impression of youthfulness and vitality.”

According to the expert, a happy, positive mindset can “encourage us to adopt healthier habits” such as eating well, exercising and getting enough sleep.

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Finally, the expert suggested women use positive affirmations to look and feel more youthful.

“Take a look in the mirror every morning,” Faye advised, “every time you wash your hands and even in the car, take a second to tell yourself how awesome you are.

“If you don’t think so, no one else will. This will lift your spirit, and may even make you laugh which releases a load of feel good hormones that make you appear younger and more carefree.”

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