Estate agent spills on industry secrets as he brands Londoners entitled d****s

Working as an estate agent can't be easy.

The industry can be competitive with many agents often failing.

However, if you're doing it right, the rewards are most certainly worth it.

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Now one bloke has spilled on the industry secrets in a lengthy Reddit post where he branded London people as "entitled d***s".

He wrote: "It's becoming impossible to have a life in London and actually do activities!

"And I hate it when people say 'oh but it's London, it's going to be expensive!' F*** off! I know it is."

While living in London can be quite expensive (as many of us already know), working as an estate agent is something else.

He added: "I've been working in the industry for 8 years now and all I can say yes, they're all p****s.

"The average negotiator is paid a basic salary between £12,000-£18,000 (depending on experience).

"And they have to fight each other to top up their monthly income. The companies turn people into the cynical agents.

He also claimed agents do focus on who they think will be a better tenant for their properties because they represent the landlords.

The man continued: "Property managers I'd say have it the hardest!

"Imagine having to explain to a landlord who sits on a £20million portfolio that he has to change the washing machine for £200."

While he went off on a tangent about landlords, the man then turned his attention to block managers who he labelled as useless.

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His rant continued: "All they do is deflect and defer to the lease. Don't get a management company and pay their fee.

"It's pointless. Need a new roof for a block? Ask 5 roofers to check it out yourself.

"They're probably just trying to use funds because works haven't been done in years!

"All in all – this city sucks the life out of people. The quality of living is s***."

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Reddit users rushed to comment on the post as it racked up over 3,200 upvotes and almost 600 replies.

One said: "Well done for getting yourself out of that horrible job mate."

Another added: "Haha could not said it better myself."

While a third commented: "Beautifully written pal I hope to read more of your work in the future."

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