eBay reveals top items to sell that you've probably just got lying around

Looking for a bit of spare cash to spend this Christmas? Your old tat could be someone else’s treasure.

Ahead of the holiday season, eBay UK has shared a list of the top 10 types of items that people typically have lying around that are often worth a fair bit of cash on the platform.

Emma Grant, Head of Preloved at eBay said: ‘Many will be surprised at just how much money you can make from selling items around the house you no longer need to help fund the festive season.

‘An old office desk for example could make you around £75 so it is definitely worth having a look to see what items you could convert to cash to make this Christmas a little easier on the pocket’.

eBay’s list includes the types of common household items that sell for very decent amounts of money secondhand, their average selling prices (ASP), and examples.

For instance, anyone who has an abandoned musical instrument lying around can expect to earn an average of £261.59 if they decide to sell it on the site.

The increased demand for home office supplies seems to have stretched to eBay too, with office equipment like desks, copiers, and projectors selling for an average of £73.77.

Further to that, computers and networking supplies from laptops to keyboards and headsets are going for an average of £62.11.

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