Drivers warned simple indicator mistake could land you with a £5k fine

Drivers have been warned that they could be hit with a £5,000 fine if they use their car indicators wrong.

Motorists could also see themselves hit with nine points on their driving licences.

Forgetting your indicators entirely can fall under either the "careless and inconsiderate driving" or "driving without due care and attention" offences.

Both of these are known to carry hefty penalties for drivers.

Motoring experts at Goodbye Car have warned that you could even be disqualified from driving in serious cases.

According to the experts, the level of fine and punishment would depend on the consequences of your failure to indicate – such as causing an accident by not paying attention.

What's more, because there are no laws around when to indicate, it's tricky to know exactly what you should be doing.

While it's critical to signal your intentions, it's also important not to unnecessarily use signals or to leave your indicators on when you've finished making your manoeuvre.

The Highway Code has a number of rules about indicating, but this is guidance which explains what you should be doing.

These are:

  • Give clear signals in plenty of time, having checked it is not misleading to signal at that time
  • Use them to advise other road users before changing course or direction, stopping or moving off
  • Cancel them after use
  • Make sure your signals will not confuse others. If, for instance, you want to stop after a side road, do not signal until you are passing the road. If you signal earlier it may give the impression that you intend to turn into the road. Your brake lights will warn traffic behind you that you are slowing down
  • Use an arm signal to emphasise or reinforce your signal if necessary. Remember that signalling does not give you priority

According to The Sun, Mark Royal, operations manager at Goodbye Car, said: “Knowing when (and when not!) to indicate is a skill of its own, given there are no black and white rules, but it’s incredibly important to learn when they should be used for the safety of yourself and other motorists.”

The website also states: "If a driver is too lazy to indicate and their lack of actions is a direct result of an accident, they may face a charge of careless driving."

Goodbye Car's top tips to make sure you're doing things right when it comes to indicators including, making sure to use your mirrors before signalling and manoeuvring, signal at the right time, cancelling your indicators after use, signalling manually if you're worried others won't see your signal and using your indicators to signal any manoeuvre that isn't moving straight ahead on the road.

The tips comes after Brits were warned that a little known rule could lead to £2,500 fine for drivers who park cars wrong way round.

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