'Dogwinks' are man’s best friend bringing the divine into our lives with 'Godwinks'

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Husband and wife team SQuire Rushnell and Louise DuArt know that the Lord works in mysterious ways… just don’t call it a coincidence.

“Godwink is the new word of the language … it means an event which seems like a coincidence but you know comes from a divine origin. … A Dogwink is simply a Godwink that happens in the presence of a dog,” Rushnell told Fox News. “We are all looking for hope, and we all have doubts … that someone is paying attention to us.”

In Dogwinks: True Godwink Stories of Dogs and the Blessings They Bring, they show dogs are more than just man’s best friend. They are a link to the heavenly father.  The book is the sequel to the bestselling ‘Godwink’ series. 


They believe God and dogs are working together to bring the sacred and the holy to humankind.

Noting how God and dogs forgive humans with unconditional love and keep people safe from harm, Rushnell says: “God and dog are spelled with the same three letters. … If God was going to communicate with us, he does so without a human voice, like a dog.”

SQuire Rushnell and Louise DuArt know that the lord works in mysterious ways. When the alchemy of God blesses a person, they call that a Godwink. 
(Gail Daman)

Their most famous story is now in production at Netflix. Ruby was a purportedly “unadoptable” shelter dog in Rhode Island only hours away from being put down. A trainer named Pat Inman begged for the rambunctious 7 month old rescue pup to be given to a K9 unit.

Ruby became the first rescue dog ever accepted in the K9 unit of the Rhode Island State Police.

A Godwink turned Ruby into a K9 hero.

Years later, Ruby found an injured boy lost in the woods.

That boy was the son of Inman.


Through their work, Rushnell and DuArt want their audience to know divinity can be enjoyed every day.

Rushnell said: “We try to raise people’s consciousness … to recognize … the divine origin (in things). … If we learn the goodness that a dog has we are walking closer to God than we might have been doing before.”

He also said harmony in America could come from our animal friends.

In today’s America people don’t seem to like people very much … but everyone loves dogs!” he said. “That’s another reason why dogs are ambassadors of God. We secretly categorize colleagues and neighbors as blue or red, avoiding hot-button issues … but talk about dogs, and we’re unified!”

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