Did YOU know you shouldn't go to the dentist during your period?

Did YOU know you shouldn’t go to the dentist while menstruating? Experts reveal the little-known reason why it could make mouth problems worse

  • Vagina Museum has revealed tooth and mouth ache common during periods 
  • Gum irritation happens due to progesterone level changes, experts reveal
  • They advise to schedule your appointment around another time in the cycle 
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If you have a tooth or mouth ache before and during your period – you’re not alone. 

This symptom is fairly common, experts say, due to progesterone level changes, which can affect the gums and cause inflammation. 

According to The Vagina Museum – a London-based project aimed at spreading information about gynaecological anatomy and health – the link between menstruation and mouth health is very common, but is rarely taught in dental schools.

A recent tweet suggested scheduling appointments with a dentist or hygienist ‘in other points of the cycle’ to avoid irritating your gums further when they’re already inflamed. 

This bizarre sounding symptom is fairly common, experts say, due to progesterone level changes, which can affect the gums and cause inflammation (stock image)

‘The menstrual cycle affects the entire body,’ the museum wrote in a tweet. ‘Changes in hormones can cause changes to tissues all over the body, and that includes the mouth. 

‘Progesterone levels affect the gums. And symptoms around periods are called menstruation gingivitis.’

Just before getting a period, a person’s gums may become inflamed – and appear red, or even bleed – hence causing the toothache. 

‘Some people also experience swollen salivary glands, or increased mouth ulcers. The overall effect can be a very sore mouth,’ the tweet added. ‘Other hormone changes can also cause oral symptoms like this, especially puberty and pregnancy.’

According to a blog post by Hinsdale Dental – an Illinois-based clinic in the US – this happens because progesterone aids the production of prostaglandins.


The tweet suggests scheduling appointments with a dentist or hygienist ‘in other points of the cycle’ to avoid having them irritated during an inflamed time

Prostaglandins in turn encourage blood vessel inflammation in the gums.

The museum advises that ‘understanding changes in your gums with your cycle is helpful in managing the problem’. 

‘Although menstruation gingivitis is fairly common, a lot of dentists don’t know about it,’ the post also said. ‘Because it’s not always taught at dental school. But it’s real, and you’re not imagining your mouth feeling terrible once a month!’

It comes as experts are warning against a dangerous new TikTok trend which is seeing social media users apply their menstrual blood to their face as a DIY skincare mask.

The idea of ‘Menstrual Masking’ or ‘Period Mask’ has gone viral on the social media platform, with the hashtag #periodfacemask reaching 6.4 billion views on TikTok. 

TikTokers are claiming that period blood contains all the stem cells and all the nutrients that your skin and body needs. 

Some users on TikTok claim to collect their period blood in a menstrual cup and then wipe it across their skin for the supposed benefits, such as leaving behind clear, glowing skin. 

However skincare expert Elizabeth Rimmer of London Professional Aesthetics told FEMAIL those applying their menstrual blood are at risk of ‘inflammation and infection’. 

While some have argued for years the benefits of smearing menstrual blood across the face, the trend has only recently boomed on TikTok.

A number of beauty influencers have taken to promoting the unusual habit on their social media platform. 

Elizabeth told FEMAIL  people should not try the menstrual masking trend, recommending that people ‘err on the side of scientifically proven therapies’ when it comes to their skincare.

‘There is a lot of talk out there about the use of menstrual masking in breaking the taboos and negativity about periods in society,’ the expert said. ‘This much I relate to – menstruating has been whispered about for far too long.

‘In this era of discussion about menopause, making sanitary products free to school children, educating men to understand women’s physiology more – periods should be right up there at the top of the conversation list.’

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