Daily horoscope for October 22: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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As the Sun moves into Scorpio, now is the time to focus on love, lust or passion. Your thoughts will begin to feel more real than ever, and you may feel a strong sense of nostalgia. With the Sun in Scorpio, it is time to unleash your inner magnetism and pursue whoever you want to.

It is a mesmerising time of the year, so be sure to take advantage of that.

As the nights get longer and the skies get darker, a certain romanticism is felt in the air.

Now is the perfect time to go after what, or who, you want. But be warned, the Moon has now entered Capricorn.

This allows you to keep your head firmly on your shoulders and remember that nonsense will not be tolerated.

The Moon has connected with Mars, Jupiter and Pluto which means you should have your thinking hat on.

The planets and the Moon allow you to get on with things you may have been putting off, and to focus on what should be done.

Old resentments may come to fruition, but now could be the time to repair what is broken.

The trine of Neptune will allow a softening of tension, and allow you to rebuild broken bridges.

But Venus and Neptune are also there, adding to the romantic nature of the long nights.

Horoscope Friends said: “It’s officially Scorpio season as the Sun enters that most mysterious sign today – happy birthday to all you Scorpios out there!

“And, please, turn that sexy, magnetic, mesmerising stare elsewhere: No, we won’t do your bidding!

“Halloween is only nine days away but the world is already starting to look thinner, the skies darkening, mist spreading, the night lengthening – It’s that time of year.

“The Moon meets up with Jupiter and Pluto next – an intense and heavy-duty Thursday in all.

“Just get on with it, keep going and you’ll have something to show for it.”

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