Daily horoscope for July 17: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast today

The moon began the first few hours of Wednesday in partial eclipse. Our celestial orb remains in Capricorn t5oday where it joins Pluto. Pluto is a distant planet linked to deep inner transformations, and opposes the sun in the Cancer star sign.

Expect this transit to inspire us today.

This aspect can posses the power to help us make a positive change in our life.

And it can guide us to choose a little-travelled but important path to achieve true spiritual fulfilment.

The planet Venus known for its astrological impact on love and togetherness, also makes a supportive connection today.

This is with inspired Neptune, potentially profoundly influencing the private areas of your solar horoscope.

Expect emotional desires to bubble to the surface today.

These may cause us to attempt to contact someone dear in deep or revealing ways.

When it comes to matters of your generous heart, be strong and brave, but respectful.

The support you seek relates to the delicate balance between understanding both the light and the dark simultaneously.

Wednesday is a time to be guided by instinct to matters relating to both business affairs and affairs of the heart.

How the lunar eclipse affected your astrology horoscope:

A lunar eclipse happens when the Earth is between the Sun and Moon, blocking the light of the Sun from reflecting from the Moon.

When a lunar eclipse happens, the Earth’s shadow blocks the Moon and bathes our celestial orb in an eerie crimson glow.

Astrologers believe new lunar eclipses act as much more potent Full Moon.

Full Moons are times of completion, letting go, and releasing.

Lunar eclipses are times when things in your life may leave, fall apart, or disintegrate.

With yesterday’s lunar eclipse still in affect, Wednesday is a time for being present, seeing what is leaving, and allowing time to process it.

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