Dad names baby after wife passed out during labour – but gets cruelly trolled

A lot of people find it difficult finding the right baby name for their little one.

However, one dad from the US decided to take things into his own hands after his wife 'passed out' due to her horrific labour.

He decided to name the baby himself – however the family have now been trolled over the name and many mums admitted they'd be fuming if their partner did the same.

Parent Melissa Weiss revealed all on her family TikTok page – @theweisslife – which has 1.3million followers.

Her husband Jeff was seen miming a scene from noughties movie Superbad — in which nerdy high schooler Fogell gets a fake ID — to tell the story.

In the clip, the character is mocked by his friend for choosing the ridiculous (and unbelievable) name McLovin.

The character is seen grinning though as he says: “They let you pick any name you want when you get down there.”

Jeff captioned the clip: “When your life passed out after birth so you got to pick the baby’s name…

“This is actually how we ended up with our baby’s name” accompanied by the crying with laughter emoji.

The baby – who is the couple’s sixth child – is little boy who Jeff decided to name Jagger.

The clip soon went viral, and has now racked up more than 1.8 million comments – with many people horrified.

One woman remarked: “If my hubby named our baby something I didn’t want I would prob divorce and change that baby's name.”

While another added: “I would’ve so quickly went to court to change that name I would be so mad at you.”

A third wrote: “Maybe y’all would be okay with this but I feel this is insanely disrespectful and I would be livid, taking advantage of a traumatic labor for a name?”

Because of the backlash, Melissa did a follow-up video where she responded to another comment, asking: “I don’t get how ur laughing … I’d be absolutely furious”.

In the clip, she says: “A lot of people were pressed in the comments, saying how could I let my husband name the baby while I was out of it or passed out? So I thought I’d give you guys a little bit more info about it.”

Melissa explained how she had a high-risk pregnancy, followed by an emergency induction at 38 weeks.

She added: “During my labour, I was on all sorts of drugs, I was so out of it, so loopy.

“The labour lasted for days and it was terrible and then when the baby came, he had to go to the NICU right away and so Jeff went with him, while I was with the doctors and nurses and they were trying to take care of me.

“Six hours after, as literally after having him I was passed out, we were reunited.

“And Jeff comes in with Jagger and says ‘I think his name should be Jagger, I think it fits him’.

“I was still really loopy at that point in time because the drugs took forever to wear off, so I didn’t really know what to do.

“Because that was a name that, while we had discussed it, it definitely wasn’t at the top of our list.”

The family ended up being in hospital for a week with baby Jagger, who is now six months old, so they took a couple of days to think it over.

Melissa added: “We both ultimately decided that that was the best fit for him and we ended up naming him that.

“So it was pretty funny and yes, my husband did come up with it, it was definitely not the name I thought we were going to use going into the hospital that day, but we’re really happy with it and I think it fits him.”

Her explanation hasn’t stopped cruel trolls slamming the name though, as one wrote: “It sounds more like a name for a dog rather than a name for a human”.

While another added: “It’s your first boy why didn’t you give him a decent name?”

Melissa and Jeff are also parents to Gabrielle, 17, Gracelynn, 13, Gwyneth, 11, Gretchen, 8, Gemma, 4.

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