CRAIG BROWN: What a day… Donald Trump's hair has gone grey!

CRAIG BROWN: What a day… Donald Trump’s hair has gone grey!

President Trump fell to earth with a bump. 

And the very next day his hair turned grey.

Mike Pompeo sings, ‘Day-ay-o! Day-ay-oh! Daylight come and I wanna go home!’

Donald Junior may be even loonier than Donald Senior, whose hands are weenier.

Larry Hogan goes rogue ‘n’ starts to plead: ‘Stop golfing and concede.’

President Trump fell to earth with a bump. And the very next day his hair turned grey

Steve Bannon is a loose cannon. Once a big hitter — but he’s now banned from Twitter.

Rudy Giuliani says ‘Well, I’ll be darned’; he still wonders why one should never say dye.

Mike Pence sits on the fence he yearns to shout but the words won’t come out.

David Bossie is no great loss, he will no longer tire us now he’s gone down with the virus.

Rudy Giuliani says ‘Well, I’ll be darned’; he still wonders why one should never say dye

Kellyanne Conway saw the vote go the wrong way and urged them to mount a recount.

Sidney Powell threw in the towel after being chucked off their team for being a touch too extreme.

Kim Jong-un scoffs, ‘And they thought I was a wrong un! Donald used to mock it but I’ve still got my rocket.’

Ivanka has a word with her banker. ‘Should I keep hidin’ my shares in Joe Biden?’

Jared Kushner is pushin’ her to run in ’24 if not before.

Nancy Pelosi is far from cosy

Though Trump’s fall from grace brought a smile to her face 


  •  President Trump’s hair has recently turned grey.
  •  On a tour of the Middle East, the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo continued to refuse to acknowledge Joe Biden’s victory.
  •  Last month, Donald Trump Jr dismissed the new number of U.S. deaths from coronavirus as ‘almost nothing’ — on a day when there were nearly 1,000 deaths.
  •  On Sunday, the Republican Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, told President Trump to ‘stop golfing and concede’.
  •  Steve Bannon, formerly the President’s chief strategist, was banned from Twitter this month after declaring that infectious diseases expert Dr Anthony Fauci should be beheaded.
  •  Last week, the dye on the hair of the President’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, started melting down his face at a particularly steamy press conference.
  •  Mike Pence, the U.S. Vice President, has remained silent in recent days.
  •  David Bossie, the adviser overseeing the legal challenges to Trump’s election defeat, has reportedly tested positive for Covid-19.
  •  Former Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway mocked the Democrats in 2016 as ‘sore losers’ and ‘cry babies’.
  •  The Trump team has thrown Sidney Powell off its legal team after her conspiracy theories surrounding the election became too extreme, even for them.
  •  Derided as ‘little rocket man’ by President Trump in 2017, Kim Jong-un remains in power in North Korea.
  •  It is said Ivanka Trump is hoping to re-enter fashionable society in New York after her father leaves the White House.
  •  Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner may be encouraging his wife’s presidential ambitions.
  •  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi recently called President Trump a ‘psychopathic nut’ for trying to overturn the election result.

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