Commuter gobsmacked as London shop sells single packet of crisps for £7

A commuter admitted they were left gobsmacked after spotting a London shop selling crisps for £7.

The guy saw the expensive packs of crisps as he passed through Leicester Square tube station.

He noticed that a single packet of 'American' Cheetos were being sold for an extortianate £6.99

Sharing the photo of this crisps on his Facebook page, the man wrote: "£7 quid crisps!! What's it all about?? Leicester Square tube."

He wasn't the only one outraged by the price, as many left a comment on his post.

One user wrote: "As an American, I can say they are not worth that."

While another added: "Mad isn't it. My son noticed that our off licence in Essex sells the exact same thing for £2."

"They're £1.40 where I live," wrote a third, asking, "Who wants them for a fiver including postage?"

While another chimed in: "We went to a newsagent by Canon Street the other way that wanted £20 for twenty Marlboro. We laughed and walked out."

Others said that even with added expense of importing items from the US, they usually only cost just over £2.

Meanwhile, if expensive food is your thing, then you may be interested to know that a fast food chain has created '24ct Gold Burger' that's the same price as Salt Bae's.

Restaurant Dope Burger has decided to cash-in on Salt Bae's hype by creating a burger that's covered in gold leaf and costs £100 – the same price as the one sold by the famous chef.

However, those who want to get their hands on it may be saddened to hear that it has apparently already sold out.

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