Chrissy Teigen's Therapist Suggested a Hobby Just for Her — She Chose a Lifestyle!

Teigen has been keeping her fans updated on her new adventure — where she is apparently struggling epically with just the wardrobe portion!

Chrissy Teigen has worn a lot of titles and done a lot of things throughout her life, but at the suggestion of a therapist, she is expanding in an unexpected and already overwhelming direction.

Teigen has been candid and open about her emotional struggles since she and husband John Legend suffered a miscarriage. Now, she shared that her therapist suggested she should look into a hobby — one that’s specifically for her and her alone.

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Of all the possible hobbies that exist in this world from collecting stamps to hiking or any number of possibilities big and small, Teigen settled on one that’s not so much a hobby as an entire lifestyle.

She also quickly revealed that she’s in over her head. In fact, based on her latest tweets, we could argue that she’s head over heels quite literally in her new venture as a horse person.

What followed her picture of the beautiful horse she’d fallen in love with (we don’t know if she’s bought a horse or if she’s just taking up riding for now) was a series of hilarious videos of her struggling to even get geared up to get on the saddle.

In particular, it would appear that Teigen got immediately and permanently stuck at the “put on your boots” phase.

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“Not even at the horse part yet,” she captioned a shot of her trying to get ready. “What the f*** who can fit in these?”

By the end of our journey with the boots, she was trying to use a hair dryer to get them completely on and absolutely nothing was working. At least she was still having a good time with her comedy of errors.

The adventure turned into a mother-daughter adventure, as Chrissy invited Luna to join her. In her Instagram stories, she shared that she had an apple in an effort to make friends before heading out.

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So how did it go?

We don’t know for sure, but we did learn finally on Sunday morning that Luna “had an epic jean meltdown, really beautiful acting 10/10,” so it looks like Mom wasn’t the only one having wardrobe troubles.

At least the two looked absolutely adorable together in their semi-matching outfits. Next up, we fully expect to see them proudly astride their steed (or steeds), ready to conquer this or any other hobby!

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