Chef accused of war crime after making Yorkshire pud toastie with baked beans

Baked beans are for sure a controversial British topic.

Some people love them whilst others hate them – a true Marmite of the bean world.

So this one social media chef has caused some more controversy on the baked bean debate by loading them into a Yorkshire pudding.

TikTok chef Steve Devereux has stirred up a debate after posting his ‘Yorkshire bean and cheese toastie’ recipe – and foodie’s are of course split on whether it is nice or anything but.

Taking to his TikTok account @foodmadesimple, Steve shared his controversial recipe to his 554,000 followers.

First of all, the foodie fills two Yorkshire puds with Heinz baked beans.

Then, the chef sprinkles some grated cheese on top before he places one of the Yorkshire puddings on top of the other.

He makes sure the cheese and beans are enclosed within the puds.

After this, Steve whacks some butter in a griddled pan, ensuring it is hot enough to toast the unusual snack.

He then flattens the Yorkies with a spatula and a baked bean tin for weight.

Now squished down and crispy, Steve takes his creation out of the pan and places it onto a plate.

And for the big reveal, the social media chef then cuts down the middle which causes the cheese and beans to ooze out.

Since being posted, the Yorkshire pudding and baked bean combo has now racked up 331,000 views and 13,000 likes.

Amazed at the grub, many people fled to the comments to praise the chef on his Yorkshire pud toastie recipe.

One person commented: “These would probably be delish.”

Another user added: “What a brilliant idea.”

Whilst a third person said: “Omg game changer.”

However, not everyone was so loving of the interesting concoction.

One user declared: “War crime.”

Someone else remarked: “Somewhere in the farthest reaches of Yorkshire, a Yorkshire man cried at the sight of this video.”

And, this person said: “That’s fricking disgusting.”

Let us know in the comments what you think about the Yorkshire pudding and baked bean toastie!

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