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If you haven’t put much thought into how you display flowers before, then now’s the time.

Cheap glass vases are simple but effective, but not missing their own subtle stylishness too.

Quality glass pieces aren’t always cheap and if you consider the amount of work that goes into them, from creating it out of sand and other materials, to heating it up and moulding it, you can see why glass vases can be expensive.

That said, we’ve done our best to find some designs that won’t tug at your purse strings too much, so you can ease your guilt about buying more than one.

We haven’t just gone for the plain variety of vase either – nope, read on below and you’ll find everything from ribbed and recycled to patterned and lacquered.

Before you buy, though, have a quick think about what stems you’re likely to be displaying in your vase.

Long-stemmed flowers, like hydrangeas, for example, work well in cylindrical vases, while single stems, such as magnolia, blossom or pussy willow are ideal for taller, slimmer designs or ones with bottlenecks. Then there are sweet bud vases, which are ideal for a cluster of smaller flowers, and posy vases, where you might not want anything too overpowering.

Lastly, mix and match shapes and colours for a bit of variety and remember to keep your vase sparkling clean.

We’ve found six fabulous designs for you – your only dilemma is going to be deciding on which one to get!

1. Floral hurricane vase

  • Floral Hurricane vase, H19cm, £6, George Home – buy here

Add a seasonal update to your table or windowsill with this floral number.

The pretty leaf pattern turns an otherwise plain vase into a little show-stealer and it works just as well on its own as it does displaying a bunch of flowers.

2. Ribbed glass vase

  • Ribbed glass vase, H17cm, £10, Matalan – buy here

Sultry curves and a blush-pink ribbed design make this impressively inexpensive vase a standout buy.

Add a few single stems of cherry blossom for a simple yet pretty look, or some blowsy roses for a fuller, softer display.

3. Glass Cacti vase

  • Glass Cacti vase, H17.5cm, £10, Next – buy here

Ramp up the fun factor and channel a Wild West vibe with a quirky cactus-shaped vase.

Pop in a few blooms or simply use it as an accessory – however you choose to display it, make sure this hot-to-trot buy is out on show this summer.

4. Grey Lacquered Elongated glass vase

  • Grey Lacquered Elongated glass vase, H45cm £18, B&Q – buy here

The slimline shape of this vase has called to us, and despite its very simple appearance it makes a change from the usual plain glass design.

Use it for a single stem or pop a candle in the top and display it as a centrepiece on the table.

6. PS 2017 vase

  • PS 2017 vase, H27cm, £15, Ikea – buy here

We do love a recycled product, and this vase is a great buy if you want something unique but still at a good price.

Made from leftover glass pieces of different colours, each of these vases has a different pattern and colour to it and are mouth-blown by a skilled craftsperson. 

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