Channel 4's Five Star Kitchen branded 'tin-earred' over lavish dishes

‘When’s MasterChef back on?’ Channel 4’s Five Star Kitchen branded ‘obscene’ for showcasing lavish dishes – including a £25k TACO

  • Show disappointed viewers as ‘pretentious’ in wake of UK’s cost of living crisis  
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Channel 4’s shiny new cooking show has been branded ‘pretentious’, ‘tin-eared’ and ‘obscene’ for showcasing meals that cost tens of thousands of pounds during the cost of living crisis. 

Five Star Kitchen, which aired last night, follows contestants as they try to wow a panel of judges including Ravneet Gill, Michel Roux and Mike Reid with outrageously expensive dishes.  

Last night’s episode held a £21,000 taco from Mexico and a £24,000 pizza from New York as examples of the ‘pure luxury’ the competitors should strive to achieve.

But viewers watching at home slammed the show on Twitter, calling it ‘out of touch’ in the wake of the cost of living crisis.   

As the second episode of the show opened last night, the judges encouraged the contestants to use expensive ingredients in order to market their food to upper crust diners with cash to spare. 

Five Star Kitchen, which aired last night on Channel 4, follows contestants as they try to wow a panel of judges including Ravneet Gill, Michel Roux and Mike Reid with outrageously expensive dishes, but left viewers hungry for more – as some branded it ‘pretentious,’ and ‘tin-eared.’ Pictured, a £21,000 taco from Mexico

Ravneet Gill and Michel Roux got to try the dishes, encouraging the contestants to only using select ingredients 

‘Today is all about money,’ pastry chef and restaurant consultant Ravneet Gill said. 

‘Luxury hotels like this are playground for the rich and famous. To them, money is no object,’ she added. 

The chef added that contestants had to use the ‘finest ingredients that money can buy’ in order to attract ‘diners who just want to splurge and create buzz around their menus.’ 

Global restaurateur Mike Reid explained that the contestants had to find that one dish that ‘showcases pure luxury,’ to set themselves apart from other restaurants. 

‘Think the 24 carat pizza from New York, costing just under £2,000,’ he said, referencing Industry Kitchen’s £1,700 pizza, which was inspired by Wall Street and is topped with gold leaves.

‘Up to the Grand Velas taco from Mexico, which is wrapped in a gold infused tortilla,’ he said, about the delicacy served at the Grand Velas Los Cabos resort for the super rich. 

The taco, which is made of a gold-infused tortilla and topped with gold leaf, is thought to be the most expensive taco in the world.  

Both dishes went viral in 2017 thanks to their eye-watering prices.  

The Grand Velas Los Cabos resort taco is made of a tortilla infused with gold and topped with gold leaves 

Industry Kitchen’s 24K pizza, which costs £1,700, was inspired by Wall Street and is topped with gold leaves

Viewers were not impressed with the show, which they called ‘obscene’ and tone deaf in the wake of the cost of living crisis 

‘These dishes are what makes your brand stand out,’ Mike added. 

During the episode, contestants tried to come up with the most outrageously expensive dishes they could think of. 

One restaurateur told the judges she hoped to charge customer £2,500 for a ceviche with caviar out of the tin, served on an ice sculpture of a mermaid.  

Meanwhile, a chef called Jordan had the judges scoffing when he revealed he hoped to sell a yellowfin tuna blue corn taco for an eye-watering £500. 

But for the viewers watching at home, the show left much to be desired, and failed to impress with its painful prices. 

Contestants, pictured, were told that using the best ingredients that money can buy would set their restaurants apart 

Contestant Anne said she hoped to wow the judges with her personal take on ceviche and caviar 

The judging panel were not convinced with Anne’s plan to charge customers £2,500 to enjoy the dish 

Chef Igor wowed the panel with gold glazed lobster tail with Maoi caviar and Jersey oysters with 100-year-old balsamic vinegar

‘Channel 4 peak viewing tonight – 8pm Five Star Kitchen’s chefs task to make the most expensive dish (featuring the example of a taco costing thousands of pounds); 9pm Britain’s most expensive houses. Tad out of touch?’ one asked. 

‘Five Star Kitchen on Channel 4 is a one star serving of pretentious food and massive egos. Vulgar in a cost of living crisis too. When’s MasterChef back on?’ another said. 

Viewers called out Channel 4 for airing the show, which they said failed to read the room, as several families around the country face the  tough financial climate

‘What a load of pretentious s****,’ one said. 

‘I can’t help thinking that in a nation where so many disadvantaged [people] are unable to buy the basics to feed themselves, the showcasing dishes costing many thousands of pounds for a single course is woefully guilty of being crassly tin-eared,’ another argued.

‘Good lord Channel 4 the average person doesn’t have the the money for these types of dishes. Absolutely ridiculous,’ one said. 

‘Here I am struggling to feed my family and there’s shows like this!! Whoever thought commissioning this show would be a good idea?’ one asked. 

And one person even argued the person who had commissioned the show to be sacked, because it was ‘tone deaf in the current climate’.

They argued: ‘Parents can’t afford to feed their kids and it’s peddling a 25 grand taco.’

Femail has contacted Channel 4 for comment. 

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