Carrie Symonds ‘keen to emphasise’ romance with Boris at Tory conference, expert claims

Carrie Symonds is the girlfriend of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson.

The couple met at work in 2011, when Carrie was just 23 and he was 47.

They were later linked romantically in March 2018.

Now the couple are an official item, despite the fact Boris Johnson is still married to his second wife, who he has announced her is divorcing.

Carrie Symonds: Boris Johnson girlfriend ‘keen to emphasise’ romance, expert claims

The couple attended the Tory Party Conference 2019 on Wednesday.

Carrie Symonds wore a pink dress, an eye-catching shade, to sit in the audience with Boris Johnson’s father Stanley.

After Boris had finished speaking at the event in Manchester her came down from the stage to greet people in the crowd. After kissing him on the cheek Carrie continued to walk along the rows of seated guests with Boris, clinging onto his hand and smiling at the cameras.

A body language expert has analysed images of the couple, and this is what she found.

Judi James told “Boris might show signs of preferring subtlety in terms of their romance but for Carrie it looks like something she’s very keen to emphasise.”

She claimed Carrie’s embrace of her partner showed “ownership” of the leader of the Conservative Party.

Judi even compared the moment of PDA to a royal wedding.

“Fleeting, relatively chaste in execution but with some serious undertones of ownership and even passion, this conference kiss with Carrie bore several of the trademarks of the kind of kiss we often see on the palace balcony after a royal wedding,” she said.

“Boris’s lips did seem to have landed on Carrie’s cheek rather than a smacker on the lips but the way Carrie placed a hand onto the back of his neck formed a gesture of confident possession and a desire to show partnership status in public.”

Carrie Symonds Twitter account revealed she spent the end of this week in Amsterdam at an event. 

Carrie wrote: “Have had a fab couple of days in Amsterdam talking all things plastic pollution with these three incredible women.

“The bad news is, there is now strong evidence that our plastic addiction is bad for our health. The good news is, we’re finally beginning to wake up to it. #PHS2019.”

Carrie Symonds’ age difference with the PM is rather large. 

Carrie is only 31-years-old, 24 years younger than her boyfriend and his second wife.

Is she younger than his daughter?

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