Can YOU spot the hidden object in this optical illusion in 11 seconds?

Can YOU spot the hidden creature in 11 seconds? Test yourself with this mind-bending optical illusion

  • Optical illusions trick our mind into seeing (or not seeing) things in images
  • Can you see through this illusion which has left many scratching their heads?

They say your mind can play tricks on you and sometimes you force yourself to see what’s really there.

This mind-bending optical illusion from JagranJosh is designed to make your brain (and your eyes) work hard in a bid to see what’s really there.

At first glance there is nothing there but black and white lines, but that’s not the case – there is actually an animal hiding inside.

You have 11 seconds to find the creature, will you be able to do it?

Can you see the animal hidden between the black and white horizontal lines in the picture above

Were you able to find it? The combination of black and white lines close together can make it difficult to see.

If not, you might have a bit more success if you stand further back from the screen.

If that doesn’t work you can try squinting or looking away from the screen and then back again.

To make it a bit easier for those of you who are still struggling, we have an image showing the animal – a frog – as it would appear in a different colour scheme below.

Optical illusions can be good brain teasers, forcing our minds to work hard to figure out if what we are seeing is true.

Some have gone viral in the past on social media, including one that had millions arguing – is that dress white and gold or blue and black?

The frog was hidden between the lines, but is a lot easier to see under a different colour scheme

Others are less controversial, with the natural world throwing up many natural illusions, especially when involving animals that are camouflaged.

One recent illusion revealed how our mind can trick us into seeing things that aren’t there, with an image of a traffic light that was grey but actually fooled people into thinking it was red. 

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