Builder ‘does a poo on man’s roof and shoves some of it down the chimney’

A "dreadful" builder did a poo on a family's roof when he was supposed to be fixing a leak, a disgusted homeowner says.

The grinning culprit posed for a rude snap as he squatted on top of the house and did a number two – and then shared the photo with pals, it is claimed.

The 38-year-old dad who hired the building firm to do work on his home in Skegness, Lincs, says the man even shoved some of his own faeces down the chimney stack.

The homeowner said the shocking photos eventually made it round to him, and he was left stunned and revolted when he found a large pile of faeces on top of his roof, LincolnshireLive reports.

The dad, who asked to remain anonymous, said: "I needed a leak in my loft fixing. I saw an advert in the local brochure – I did my checks, it appeared to be okay, so I asked them to do the work.

"I went up on the scaffolding and noticed the faeces.

"I was a bit disgusted – I had said to them I would provide toilet facilities in the house and they could use the kitchen when they started the work.

"They'd even shoved some down my chimney stack.

"It's dreadful behaviour."

The homeowner said a photo showing the man defecating on the home went viral on a local scale.

He was stunned when it was sent to him.

The man said: "Skegness is a very small area.

"He sent the photos to someone and they found their way to me.

"I asked the director of the company about it and showed him the photos and I felt he got very aggressive."

The dad said he refused to pay for the work.

He said he was forced to hire a different company to finish the work.

He had to double check that everything had been done correctly.

The man added: "I had to get another company to finish the job because I wasn't certain they'd done a good job."

In June, a footballer unwittingly shared a poo photo with his fans on social media and then denied it was his.

Meanwhile, a recent study found that half of British couples spread poo bacteria to each other by sharing towels.

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