Brutally honest homemade note on car warns to not park close as driver is fat

Finding a parking space at times can be difficult enough, but even worse – trying to squeeze out the car door so you don’t scrape the vehicle next to you.

This issue is plaguing one driver so much that they have attached a homemade sign to their car window warning others to leave enough space so they can get out.

But, this printed off sign certainly has made many chuckle because of their brutal honesty.

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The driver has demanded that people not park close simply because they are ‘fat’.

Tired of having to squeeze out of their car, the typed out message on white A4 paper has certainly made an impression.

Stuck onto the outside of their car window, along with a smiley face at the end, it hilariously read: “I’m fat, so don’t park CLOSE!!!!!

“Have a nice day!”

Well, they certainly got their point across…

Having found its way onto Twitter, many people have praised the idea and have even felt inspired by using the ‘fat’ friendly car note themselves.

One person praised: “Iconic behaviour.”

Another user added: “In an empty car park, why do people find the need to park so close, happens all the time.”

While a third voiced: “I need to start using this.”

Someone else shared: “Daily parking issues… this is the best f***ing idea I've ever seen!”

Meanwhile, a fifth person related: “The struggle is real.”

Recently, body positive influencer Courtney Belle has candidly opened up about her experiences as a ‘fat’ person.

She shared that she doesn’t see ‘fat’ as a bad word and is not insulted by the usual three lettered slur.

The size 30 beauty exclusively told Daily Star: “I can totally understand why people see it [fat] as a negative, it’s been used that way by most for a long time.

“I don’t see it as an insult personally, it’s a descriptive word, fat isn’t a bad word and I fully reclaim power of it back.

“Honestly it was learning that being fat isn’t a bad thing. That it’s okay to not be thin.

“Bodies fluctuate all the time and it’s normal.”


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