Brit startled by standby cost of 2 appliances after measuring every item in home

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As the cost of living crisis continues, households are trying to pull together and see where they can scrimp and save as much as possible.

This is no different for this one bloke who has devised a very savvy plan to keep his gas and electric bills from ravaging his monthly costs.

And, you could give it a go too.

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The homeowner decided to purchase an electricity usage meter that plugs into a wall socket and measures how much power is being used by different devices in his house, even if the appliances are on standby.

Judging by the power usage, the bloke was able to see in turn how much money this would cost – and some of the results were quite 'shocking' to him.

Despite being on standby, two appliances were sucking up the power which would add a costly amount to his monthly bills.

He took to Reddit to discuss his findings, the bloke said: "Present cost is based on the Octopus caped rate of 29.58p per kwh. Projected cost assumes a 70% increase in October although it looks like it will be higher than this.

"Contrary to belief, leaving a phone charger plugged in will not end up killing penguins in the Antarctic."

Although his iPhone charger was not the biggest culprit of power usage, he was taken aback by his microwave that used a considerable amount when just displaying the clock.

The bloke continued: "It's worth checking your older appliances, for me the microwave was an eye opener. I'm paying £16 (soon to be £27) a year just to have the thing display '00:00' at me all the time.

"It's now switched off at the wall when not in use."

But the microwave clock was not the only thing to surprise the homeowner.

He found that even having his Sky Q TV box on 'eco mode' was costing him £48.46 a year on October's cost projections, or £60.79 to run while recording, averaged out for a year.

"Sky TV… I didn't expect over 9 watts when it's sitting there doing absolutely nothing. Both boxes are in 'eco mode'", he explained.

"I'm considering having my broadband router and ethernet switch on a timer. A timer costs around £7 and would pay for itself in just over a month if it switched them off for 8 hours a day. I may also do this with the Sky boxes."

And, his Virgin Media Wi-Fi router would cost £31.09 per year now or £52.86 on October price projections.

Recently, energy regulator Ofgem has shared that they will alter how they calculate costs and will increase the price cap every three months instead of every six months.

This means that regular price rises are going to be more common as the effects of Brexit, Covid and the current Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to keep wholesale energy prices at high levels – although big energy firms like BP and shell have record profits…

In line with the latest predictions, it is suggested that the energy price cap will raise by 81% in October. This will take an average bill to £3,582 a year, reports Yorkshire Live.

Additionally, it is predicted to rise by another 19% in January with the typical household build to increase to £5,038 meaning an average monthly bill would cost £571 for a household energy use.

Money saving expert Martin Lewis has recently blasted the Conservative government on the cost of living crisis, and said: "This is a national crisis on the scale of the pandemic.

"The government is sitting there like zombies."


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