Brandi Glanville Claps Back After Camille Grammer Blames Her For LVP Quitting ‘RHOBH’

Brandi Glanville doesn’t feel she’s the reason why Lisa Vanderpump quit ‘RHOBH’, and she made that very clear with a series of fiery tweets aimed at Camille Grammer on July 23.

Brandi Glanville became extremely upset while watching the July 23 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, when Camille Grammer claimed that the real reason why Lisa Vanderpump quit the how was because of Brandi’s brief cameo earlier this season. Camille said that Lisa felt “betrayed” after she saw Denise Richards, who “had [LVP’s] back” this season, meet up with Brandi for a dinner date. But Brandi is now saying that simply can’t be true. Following the episode, which also served as Part 2 of the reunion special, Brandi took to Twitter.

She said, “I am NOT LVP’s arch enemy!!That is absolute insanity. Trust & believe that is UNTRUE!!I I adore @DENISE_RICHARDS after meeting her at a dinner party for our mutual agent! NTM 95% of our conversation was not about lvp at all. Nope @TheRealCamilleG I don’t buy it! She knows for a fact that I’m a proper fucking person & that I do the RIGHT thing when I’m suppose to. We may not be friends but I’m not LVP’s #1enemy”.

Brandi then continued, “Let me be clear, LVP& I have a past that we will not recover from but I refuse to let @DENISE_RICHARDS be called out for provoking anything! I was on ONE episode of an entire season where the women had their own separate issues with her. That’s f***ing it. It’s clear to me that if certain people feel that they are going down they have the need to take everyone down with them. If I had done that the ENTIRE housewives world would be ‘Shook’ . I’m not that person & that’s not how I’m raising my boys.”

Camille’s theory seemed to come out of left field, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. But as for Brandi, she clearly doesn’t want to be held responsible nor does she seem to think that she has the power to make someone quit a television show.

Want more drama? The final part of the RHOBH reunion special airs next Tuesday, July 30, at 9pm on Bravo!

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