Blokes boob-shame me and call them saggy – my boyfriend loves them though

A woman has taken to TikTok to reveal that she is often cruelly boob-shamed by men on the internet.

However, Olivia Nicole Duffin says she doesn't care about the haters – especially as her and her boyfriend love her "lil cherries".

Olivia says she constantly receives trolling comments from guys who tell her to dress differently and calling her boobs "saggy" and say that they are "social distancing."

However, she said she doesn't care what the trolls think in the body positive post.

Olivia to her TikTok channel, where she posts under the name @olivianduffin, to reveal the list of insults she gets daily in a viral video that has now racked up 598,000 views.

These include "Why are your boobs so saggy?" And "Wear tops that fit better".

Olivia says that she is told: "You need a boob job your boobs are saggy."

She replied: "My boyfriend loves my lil tiddies so I don't care."

In another post, Olivia talks about the beauty of being natural and that boobs come in all shapes and sizes.

"Everyone who says I have saggy boobs," she says.

"They're natural and every shape and size is normal."

Again the post has gone viral, racking up more than 364,000 views as people were quick to comment.

"Then they complain when girls get plastic surgery" said one person.

While another added: "Why are they looking."

"I hate when people body shame" added a third.

Another influencer doing her best to beat body-shaming is Instagram star Loz Fitness.

She took two snaps taken seconds apart last week to end 'body-shaming guilt' as she showed the reality of social media.

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